Putting A New Spin On Yogurt, Boom Yogurt Bar

They’re not your average froyo place, their froyo with style! Have you been?

Boom Yogurt Bar is a very different frozen yogurt store. It is locally owned and operated and is co-founded by Kelly and Matt Reed. Sound familiar? That’s because Matt Reed is a Boulder Olympic athlete. Kelly and Matt are world travelers and when the came back to Boulder they realized Boulder did not have the type of hangout yogurt stores they had been custom to abroad. They picked up the idea in Europe where it was common to grab a bite to eat then stay and socialize. When they came back to Boulder Kelly wanted to fill that void. As soon as they found a great location to lease they jumped on it and opened up Boom Yogurt Bar. This isn’t just your average froyo place. Boom features a more wide variety of healthy products, sticking to as many local suppliers as possible. They offer a separate meeting room for staff meetings, kids parties, book clubs, etc. Kelly and Matt have really made this into a family environment and encourage people to stick around, not just snack and leave.

boom.yogurt.bar.meeting.space.2One thing I really loved about Boom was that almost everything in the store was made locally! Granola for the yogurt, made locally. The furniture in the store, made locally. The painting on the walls featured a local artist. Kelly is very active in the community and supports a lot of other local groups such as Boulder Indoor Soccer, Rally Sports, the CU triathlon team and more. They try to keep as much of the yogurt local as they can. But to acquire some of the exotic and delightful ingredients they have to shop around the country. One of my favorites that I tried was the ‘Wallaby Vanilla Bean’, its an organic yogurt from California…DELISH! That is another distinction at Boom, they have a very wide range of flavors and toppings and although they are very healthy, they are also very yummy!

They have also been the pioneers of a pro-biotic frozen yogurt. They have teamed up with Mix1 and Muscle Milk to create the first protein powered frozen yogurt. I tried it and had to say it was quite appetizing.

Boom Yogurt Bar is not just a place to get frozen yogurt, they offer regular yogurt, purees, doughnuts, and more. Are you looking for a new breakfast place or maybe a change of scenery for your clientele meetings? Then come on by Boom Yogurt Bar and get yo’ snack on! Located at 30th and Iris, by 24 Hour Fitness

For more information on Boom, look them up online at www.boomyogurtbar.com

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