Snooze Eatery

Don’t feel like making breakfast this morning?  Out of eggs?  Then slip on down to 16th and Pearl and stop by Snooze!

If you haven’t heard of Snooze, that’s because they have only been in Boulder for a few months.  Prior to opening in Boulder they were founded in Denver, then branched out to Fort Collins and Boulder.  Snooze is an all breakfast joint that opens from 7am-3pm, all breakfast all the time.  Its fun and inviting atmosphere keeps the mood light for your morning meal.  But don’t be surprised when you see the lights in the kitchen go out and the disco ball start spinning, it’s a normal practice at Snooze.  The staff likes to have fun and tries to kick off your day with a healthy meal and excellent service.

Speaking of healthy, Snooze has taken the local spin on their products, trying to buy local and organic wherever they can.  They support local farms/producers, such as: Grant Family Farms, Morning Fresh Dairy, and Niman Ranch.  Snooze tries to stay away from processed foods and prides them selves on serving ‘All Natural’ meats.

Sounds good, so what do they serve?  They have a seasonal menu to keep things changing but they serve just about any breakfast combo you can think of.  Eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, breakfast wraps, etc.  You want it, they have.  Right now their special is Pineapple Upside Down and Cherry Bourbon Pancakes.  They even have a liquor license and brew their own vodka mixes, currently on the shelf is a peppered vodka and a carrot vodka.

Not only is Snooze devoted to working with local farmers, but they also donate 1% of their sales to local charities such as; I Have A Dream and the GROWE foundation.  They even have competitions within their Colorado locations for being ‘green’.  Every month they tally up how many employees walked/biked/bussed to work and the winning location wins a small prize.  They even went green for the building too.  They are LEED certified and are working towards a sustainable business, re-use and re-cycle!

So next time you don’t feel like making breakfast, stop on by and fill up with Snooze.

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