Water Fest a Splash Hit

Big Fun & Lessons Learned

From time to time I’m awestruck by how lucky I am to be raising children here.  Beth Epley’s “lecture” at Wednesday’s Water Festival for fourth and fifth graders was one of those moments.

Epley inspired her rapt audience to conserve water and keep it clean by jamming on her acoustic guitar, belting out hillarious show tunes, and getting too-cool-for-school fifth graders to dance like maniacs.

Beth Epley sprays a water lesson.

Beth Epley sprays a water lesson.

She didn’t stress them out. She didn’t ask them to worry about things they can’t control. She simply showed them practical ways to think about how they use water, and to use a little less.

In 25 minutes, she covered the water cycle, the insanity of growing Kentucky Blue grass in Colorado, keeping pollution out of ponds and streams, and much more.  She was brilliant.

“You are drinking water that the dinosaurs bathed in,” she crooned. “All the water we have is all the water we get.”


Foothill Elementary fifth grade students joined nearly 2,000 other fourth and fifth graders at the 2013 Operation Water Festival, produced by Keep It Clean Partnership, a group of communities located along the Colorado Front Range dedicated to protecting water quality and reducing stormwater pollution.

A full day of truly engaging presentations on the CU campus – like mad science experiments, and “the water wheel of misfortune” trivia game where “losers” were happily drenched – taught key concepts and water vocabulary. If your student attended, ask her what she knows about how to keep stormwater clean, when Colorado had its last 100-year floor, and how the water cycle works.



The water festival is just one way the Keep It Clean Partnership reaches out. The partnership includes Boulder, Boulder County, Erie, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, and Superior. Joining together, they bring all kinds of educational programming to the community to spread the word about stormwater pollution and water conservation.

The Keep It Clean Partnership is a true force for good in our community – and they deserve particular praise for striking just the right tone with grade school kids. Yet another reason why living here is good living.

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