Boulder Staycation

A slightly off-the-beaten plan

We can’t afford a vacation this summer. That is, my husband and I can’t afford one because our kids’ camps are so expensive.

Our 15 and 12 year olds will be venturing into the Colorado back country. My daughter will head out for two weeks with the uber experienced counselors of Avid4 Adventure for a teen leadership program. My son will spend four nights with the amazing eco experts at Cal-Wood in a camp called The Ultimate Nature Experience. Lucky them.

This means that in mid July, we’ll find ourselves at home. Alone. For three days and four nights. Lucky us.

The thing is, I kind of wanted to fly to San Diego. Maybe get away to Aspen or Steamboat. Playa del Anywhere came to mind. 

But with college tuition on the horizon, dreams of going to Brazil next summer for the World Cup, and an American Express bill that’s giving me a rash, it’s better to stay put.

We live here and work here and essentially eat, sleep and breathe Boulder 24/7.  So the itinerary needs to be a little creative. Don’t want the standard Boulder go-to’s, no matter how much I love Mateo’s Poulet Frites. Also, I drive children around endlessly. So I’m looking for a car-free weekend. Here goes:

Thurs  7/18
Late evening hike up and over Hog Back Ridge Lollipop Loop

Moonlight bike to Bacco Trattoria and Mozzarella Bar for CHEESE, wine, olives

Fri  7/19
Early evening ride to Efrain’s Mexican Restaurant & Cantina for sweet margaritas and – I’ll be a risk taker here – the no-money-back-guaranteed “Efrain” Burrito (the ride from our place to Efrain’s)

Bike to the Bootstrap Beer Company in Niwot for some ice cold craft and live music by the Prairie Scholars (haven’t heard them but the write up looks awesome; will blog)  (the ride from Efrain’s to Bootstrap)

Saturday   7/20
Sleep in. Take a run on the North Foothills Trail. Answer to no one. Clean up nothing. Stretch coffee and toast into noon. Late lunch at Arabesque for to-die-for Mediterranean food (the first and only to approach my Lebanese Sito’s divine skills).  Nap.

Grab a late evening RTD to Denver for dinner at Z Cuisine (we’ve heard raves). Later, hit Ogden Street South for karaoke at 9:30. I can’t help it. I love karaoke. And no one knows me in Denver.

Sunday   7/21
Sleep in harder. Late breakfast at North Boulder Café, our weird and wonderful close-to-home hole-in-the-wall that makes killer pancakes and good green chilé. Afterwards, climb in the car to go retrieve our babies.

The plan isn’t set in stone. If you have suggestiongs or other ideas, throw a comment this way, would ya?

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