Roberson Next Buff NBA Bound

I was as big a skeptic as anyone when Andre Roberson made the decision to forego his senior year at CU and enter his name in the NBA draft. “Big, huge mistake.”

By all credible accounts leading up to the draft, Roberson would be a second round pick if he was picked at all. Though he’s  a natural rebounder and a above average defender, Roberson is well undersized for his position at 6’7″  and it’s generous to say his offensive game is  raw. He’s also a poor free-throw shooter.

Thanks to Tad Boyle’s truly amazing efforts, CU basketball is on the rise nationally and the 2013-2014 season could very well be the best in school history. Roberson could have stuck around to polish his offensive game, get stronger physically (yes, there is always the risk of injury), and potentially be apart of something special. No brainer, right?

As I settled-in last night for the draft, I was certainly rooting for Dre but I didn’t plan to see his name called. I tuned into Twitter, as you do. Close teammate of Roberson, and friend of mine, Beau Gamble (@BeauGamble14), made it known to the doubters that Roberson would surely be selected and it would be in round 1. “Not a chance” I thought.

Sure enough, as the last 1/3 of the draft was approaching, some buzz started to build. After a few trades, the Oklahoma City Thunder selected Roberson with 26th overall pick. That’s guarantee money, homies.

Congrats to Andre on reaching his dream and not letting others sway his decision.


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