Rocky Mountain No-Showdown

I was born and bred a CU Buffalo. Grew up going to Folsom Field in the 1990’s when CU was a perennial national power and had first round draft picks all over the field. The annual rivalry game against the little brother up in Ft. Collins was  played on either teams home field, alternating each year… Man, that was a hell of a long time ago.

While most school play their most hated rival toward the end of the season, CU and CSU start the year off with a bang. I love it. I hate that it’s held at Sport’s Authority Field @ Mile High.

Administrators from both schools hastily jumped at the opportunity to earn more revenue by selling more tickets when the move to the larger Mile High was initially proposed. A good idea in principle. Neutral ground, more tickets, and the schools don’t have to worry about the drunk mess on their campus. A poor idea in practice.

In order for schools to sell more tickets, there needs to be a product on the field worth coming to see. The teams need to be competitive. Of course, students come in decent numbers but the majority could care less about the game and a damn high number won’t watch a snap. They come to tailgate, get wasted and talk smack to the opposing team fans. It’s a circus to get to the stadium, you pile in like cattle just to get to your seat and see an empty stadium. It’s sad.

The site for the Rocky Mountain Showdown needs to move back to the campuses but can’t and won’t change until two issues are resolved: 1) CSU builds a new, modern stadium that is located on campus. Thankfully, the CSU football program and school admins realized this and jumped into action.  2) The product put on the field by both schools needs to improve significantly. Hopefully this issue will remedy long before a new stadium is built.

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