Promising start, poor finish

The Homecoming game against the Arizona Wildcats was the Buffs best shot thus far for a Pac-12 win.

The start was promising with Sefo Liufau connecting with P.Rich for a 75 yard TD and Colorado even took a 13-10 lead with 5:12 remaining in the first half. Arizona then proceeded to score twice before half-time and all the momentum the Buffs had built was gone. After they went down 13-10, Arizona outscored the Buffs 34-7  and went on to win comfortably 44-20.

Arizona ran all over the Buffs, literally, for a second straight year, gaining over 400 yards on the ground lead by the nation’s top rusher in Ka’Deem Carey who scored 4 tds, again. The Buffs gave up nearly 700 total yards to the Wildcats and don’t look now, but this year’s defense is on pace to replace the 2012-2013 Buffs defense as the worse in school history.

Led by their promising true freshmen backfield, the Colorado offense has made strides and will continue to improve and grow. But that progression will be all for not in regards to the overall success of the program if the defense continues to be Swiss cheese. As I have written before, speed is the essential cog in improving the Buff’s on the defensive side of the ball, but right now, they can’t keep up, literally.

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