‘Tis the season to be PRO SNOW

Local green non-profit, The Climate Reality Project, kicked off this year’s ski season by teaming up with Boulder’s home-grown legend, Warren Miller Entertainment.

Warren Miller’s latest project, Ticket to Ride, made its Boulder debut on November 14th at the Boulder Theater. Warren Miller films have historically strayed from including any subjects that could be interpreted as political or controversial—until now. The film carried undertones that made the audience consider how their way of life may be impacting their snow-centered lifestyles.

“When The Alliance for Climate Protection (now know as The Climate Reality Project) was founded in 2006, its primary focus was to educate,” says Ken Sanguin of The Climate Reality Project; “It’s not our mission to be political or controversial, but rather to spread facts and educate people about the reality of climate change.”

The big ticket partnership with Warren Miller brought on ten Climate Ambassadors. These professional skiers and adventurers use their influential voices to get snow-lovers thinking about how climate change could impact them directly. “We want to amplify the voices of the people who have an influence over the community we’re talking to—the people who have seen the effects of climate change over their short careers,” says Sanguin, referencing The Climate Reality Project’s  I AM PRO SNOW campaign.

“The motivation for my travel is to find snow,” says Chris Anthony, professional skier and Climate Ambassador; “This puts me in parts of the world that are very tuned into weather and weather patterns.”

Like many professional skiers who make a living chasing winter, Anthony has noticed the snow season shrinking worldwide: “The cause of the change is not in my scope, but if I can put a message out there that encourages our youth to look for alternative means to what’s available for energy and transportation now, that means I’m encouraging evolution of thought and perhaps a new way of thinking will be inspired.”

These professional-athletes-turned-Climate-Ambassadors use their media outlets to spread the I AM PRO SNOW campaign, whose message is to educate the public about the warming planet, especially those who are passionate about snow sports. Through these ambassadors, the I AM PRO SNOW story is being told on big name media outlets such as ESPN and The Weather Channel.

“We’re innovative,” says Sanguin, “We’re flexible enough to take advantage of unique partnerships such as this one with Warren Miller’s Ticket to Ride.”

Ticket to Ride is currently touring throughout the country. It’s next Colorado stops include Aspen, Bear Creek and Golden. View the full schedule of the tour or to request a showing in your town.

The city of Boulder is a renowned leader of the worldwide sustainability movement. Learn more about how you can get involved.





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