Bettering Boulder, one breath at a time

Late afternoon light pours into the cozy space through opaque overhead windows.

A synchronized prana—breath—connects the thirty or so otherwise unrelated people at the Sunday afternoon Kundalini class, where, for 90 minutes, they are encouraged to let the rhythm of their collective movements rule their minds.

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prAna on Pearl Street

prAna strips yoga down to the basics: no expensive membership or pricey mat needed, just a wish to better oneself and be part of a community that shares that same goal.

The Boulder prAna is one of just two locations with a permanent space dedicated to community yoga classes. In the store’s surprisingly bright basement, the doors are open to any and all who wish to join in donation-based yoga practice.

The company was built upon the seva mantra, meaning “giving without expecting anything in return.” The teachers who practice in this space donate their time to bring yoga to people from all walks of life. prAna supplies the mats, blocks, and straps—breaking the stigma that yoga is only for those who can afford the expensive accessories that go with it.

“I’ve had a homeless man come up to me in tears, thanking me and telling me how much the classes mean to him,” reflects Shauna Watson, manager of prAna’s Pearl Street location.

As a student, it is quite apparent that the teachers who dedicate their time truly value their students. Never have I attended a prAna yoga class in Boulder that did not make me feel safe, relaxed, and welcomed with open arms.

Located in the heart of historic downtown, prAna’s Boulder location hosts 2-3 classes every day, ranging from Modern Day Meditation to Forrest Yoga, to Yogalates. Attendees are drawn from all walks of life, creating a uniquely diverse yoga community that is absent in most conventional yoga studios.

Community yoga is practiced at every prAna location. The company is so dedicated to its philosophy that most stores clear a space on the sales floor to invite the local community into their practice.

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prAna features works by Karen Dombrowski-Sobel for the month of November

The community yoga space at prAna’s Boulder location doubles as an art gallery for local artists. The work is rotated each month, giving local artists a space to display their work free of charge. The first Friday of each month is dedicated to an art open house accessorized with complimentary food and drink. The space hosts climbing clinics and events to support local non-profits working to better the climbing, yoga, and adventure community.

For the Boulder prAna yoga schedule and more on the seva philosophy, visit


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