Cold home finale

It was a tough night in Boulder as the Buffs just couldn’t keep up with the USC Trojans, losing 47-29 this past Saturday in CU’s final home game of the season.

A few late touchdowns were too little too late to atone for absolutely dismal  first half performance. After two quarters, the Buffs could manage only 43 yards passing on 4 completions. The Buffaloes defense actually had a respectable performance but got zero help from the offense. At the half, down 23-0, the Buffs had held the Trojans to a mere 37 yards rushing and 169 yards passing. But they were left to defend a short field all game long by the struggling offense, including a fumble in the second quarter on the Colorado 25, one play after the defense had forced USC to turnover the ball over on downs.

The outcome was a stern reminder of how far the rebuilding Buffs have to go become competitive within the Pac-12 conference. That said, expectations for this Colorado team were realistic . A strong performance and a win against Utah in the finale would be a positive to end a relatively “successful” season.

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