Agent Interview: Daryl Smith of The Laughing Goat

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RE/MAX of Boulder agent, Daryl Smith, conceived the idea for The Laughing Goat after his favorite Boulder coffee spot was scheduled to close.

“Penny Lane was the alternative coffee shop in town. It wasn’t polished but that’s why I liked it,” Smith reflects on the day he asked long time Penny Lane barista “Johnny” how he would like to have his own coffee shop.

A short year and a lot of elbow grease later, The Laughing Goat made it’s Pearl Street debut in the place it still stands 6 years later.

The Laughing Goat’s amusing name is a tribute to the animal that is said to have discovered the rich beverage.

As legend has it, coffee was discovered in Ethiopia by a shepherd sometime around 800AD. The shepherd noticed that, after eating what we now know to be coffee berries, his goats had an abnormal amount of energy. They frolicked up and down the hills and didn’t sleep at night. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Laughing Goat is a unique play on the traditional local coffee shop. The stage features local musicians, Jazz Night and Poetry Night, where patrons can enjoy a traditional cup o’ Joe or beer and wine. Denver boutique roaster, Kaladi Brothers, supplies the Fair Trade Organic coffee The Laughing Goat is happy to serve up.

With coffee houses a dime a dozen in this city, the ones who don’t offer something special won’t be around for as long as the Goat. As Daryl sees it, it’s “the sense of community [we] create for all our customers” that makes The Laughing Goat such a special Boulder shop.

Since the 2006 opening of his first coffee house, Daryl has opened 2  sister shops in Boulder: The Norlin Goat in the Norlin Library and The Goat at the Garage at 55th and Pearl.

Daryl’s favorite thing on the menu? Americano, “with a splash of half and half.”


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