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The big donut franchise set for Q1 opening on 28th Street |

If your kids insist that you take 28th Street every time you leave the house “just in case Dunkin’ Donuts has finally opened,” advise them to cool their heels, for now.

The butcher-paper covered former KFC site at 3235 28th Street with the big DUNKIN’ DONUTS COMING SOON sign has fried-dough lovers atwitter with speculation . . . When will it open? Who will be first in line? Will they have jelly-filled?

“We can’t name a specific date yet but the operator expects to open that location some time during the first quarter of 2014,” explains Megan Dubray with Aiello Public Relations in Denver. The operator, Sizzling Platter LLC, runs various franchise restaurants in Utah, Texas and now Colorado. An official with the company told the Denver Post it plans eventually to bring 11 Dunkin Donuts to Colorado.

Back in the 90s, Boulder had a Dunkin’ Donuts in a building on the southwest corner of Folsom and Canyon. That spot is now a pot shop, and as I recall that particular store was a real dump. But the Dunkin’ brand is on a roll these days and in full expansion mode; just another chapter in its 60-year corporate history of dramatic ups and downs.

Known far and wide but especially in Boston for its syrup-sweet coffee and no-holds-barred long johns, crullers and fritters, Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t health food. But the brand may not be the round hole to Boulder’s square peg that you think it is. Fried chicken and waffles are popping up on menus all over town. Comfortable, craveable gut bombs are all the rage.

When Dunkin’ Donuts opened a new store at 4th and Broadway in Denver earlier this year, they saw lines 10 blocks long. Krispy Kreme also got a warm Colorado welcome. Dunkin’s fit in Boulder remains to be seen. We’re waiting.

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