Agent Kevin MacInness’ tribute to NoCo Jazz

A frequenter of Santa Fe music spots, Kevin MacInness was shocked to learn his go-to jazz spots no longer hosted jazz musicians.

After a quick Google search, he stumbled upon a website dedicated to the jazz scene in Santa Fe. Upon his return to Boulder, he couldn’t get the idea out of his head.

“I know where to find jazz locally, but I wondered if there was a resource for visitors,” MacInness says, turns out, there wasn’t. After a few meetings with the creator of the Santa Fe site he was admiring and a whole lot of elbow grease, Jazz Northern Colorado (Jazz NoCo for short) was born.

“Presently, there are 5 jazz festivals taking place in Northern Colorado—I’d guess a lot of people wouldn’t even know there is one,” MacInness says. His site is the go-to spot for jazz enthusiasts in the Northern Colorado area. The schedule includes 25-35 Jazz shows each week in the Northern Colorado area, spanning from university performances to world renowned artists. He profiles each musician, stating their unique styles, the instruments they play, and even their contact info—something he’s gotten a lot of positive feedback on from the musicians. The site’s discography  section allows visitors to access the albums of local jazz artists.

The site cannot be described as anything short of complete, encompassing Brazilian and Latin jazz in addition to the traditional American jazz scene.

The Boulder County realtor plays the jazz drums and says he grew up around music. “My parents had a Big Band back in Michigan,” MacInness reflects, “and my father was a music teacher. I’ve always been surrounded by music.”

Because of his site, MacInness has noticed an increase in the amount of jazz taking place in the area.

“I do it as a public service and it takes a lot of time,” he says, “but it’s a passion.”


Visit for local jazz performances, musician profiles, events, and local music. If you’d like to receive updates from Jazz Norther Colorado, send your contact info to

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