Cured: Boulder’s slice of Europe

Will Frischkorn and his wife, Coral, based their Boulder market off of one simple question: “What is it we have for dinner five nights a week?”

Four years ago, Will retired his professional cycling career and moved home to Boulder with his native wife.  The couple had been living between Boulder and Spain for seven years and wanted to bring the European style of grocery shopping to their permanent home.

Pretzels, the perfect pairing to Cured's artisan cheeses.

Pretzels, the perfect pairing to Cured’s artisan cheeses.

The idea for Cured was based on the concept of visiting a market or shop daily, and purchasing the items you need for that day’s meals. For the Frischkorns, these items were usually a baguette, salami, cheese, a bottle of wine, and a bar of chocolate for dessert.

Cured's wine room.

Cured’s wine room.

They wanted to bring focus to small, American producers and bring their crafts to the middle of the country. The people supplying Cured with their specialty products “make cheese out of passion,” says Will, “we want to give them a venue that champions such small producers.” Not only was Boulder home, it was a place where people took interest in craft producers and paid a great deal of attention to where—and who— their food was coming from.

The owners invite their guests through the doors of Cured to taste, explore, and learn a little bit, too. Will says one of his favorite parts of the job is helping customers find wine and meat pairings to go with the cheese they’ve picked out.

“Eating and drinking too much,” are Will’s named qualifications, as well as a healthy set of good friends and mentors who helped lay the foundation for this Pearl Street shop.

Cured offers a lively, carefree environment where meats, cheeses, and baguettes are abundant and smiles are plentiful. It’s the sort of place one can go to forget daily stressors and get lost in the rich aromas of artisan products.

“Oh, and picnics. We love picnics,” Will added at the end of his interview. He and Coral even created a map of their favorite local picnic spots and are happy to put a basket together for any location.

Cured's Pearl Street storefront.

Cured’s Pearl Street storefront.

“Whether you’re back country skiing and need some salami and a bit of hard cheese or you’re picnicking up Flagstaff with the family, we have a whole shop full of picnic-perfect food,” says Will. He and Coral think picnicking is the perfect way to honor the breathtaking landscapes and nearly perfect weather that surrounds their home.

Cured offers wine tastings on Tuesday nights which invite locals into the cozy interior created by the shop’s brick walls. The tastings allow pseudo sommeliers to absorb a bit of wine knowledge over a glass or two, the sort of laid-back learning this small market thrives on. Weekly classes at Cured will resume in March and will be included in the Boulder Source event calendar.







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