For the Love of Strangers

Photo courtesy of Volta Mediterranean Restaurant.

On their first date, Eleni brought Jon a Spanakopita made by her Greek mother. Twenty years later, they both name this as their favorite item on the Volta Mediterranean Restaurant menu.

Jon and Eleni often reference the “Volta Vibe”: the buzzing atmosphere created by their accommodating selection of wine, organic cocktails, Mediterranean dishes, and lively-yet-tasteful décor. Owner Eleni describes the Greek, Italian, Spanish and French inspired cuisine as “ethnic without overwhelming.”

“We opened a restaurant with the highest purity,” Eleni says, “Whether it’s in Cincinnati or Boulder, we’d be the same.”

And in Boulder, that means a lot.

The brunch, lunch, and dinner menus change daily but the fare is always in season.

“You won’t see tomatoes on our menu until they’re in season,” says Eleni.

The owners source as close to nature as possible and supply their chefs with fresh, organic, and mostly local ingredients. Everything down to the bar spirits is organic and GMO-free.

Organic cocktail crafted by Volta's mixologist. Photo courtesy of Volta Mediterranean Restaurant.

Organic cocktail crafted by Volta’s mixologist. Photo courtesy of Volta Mediterranean Restaurant.

“We want to embrace the community and give them something to come back for,” Eleni says, crediting her chefs for their ever evolving creative and flavorful dishes.

Inspired by the classic Greek film, Never on Sunday, Volta hosts a wholly Greek dinner every Sunday where it serves up the restaurant’s mainstay, Sea 2 Table whole fish, prepared the Greek way—full of flavor and zest.

A robust list of Grecian-inspired starters, small and large plates, and wine pairings also flavor Greek night. The big Sunday night dinner is a heartwarming tradition vivid in Eleni’s childhood memories, where Sundays were always family night.

Photo courtesy of Volta Mediterranean Restaurant.

Photo courtesy of Volta Mediterranean Restaurant.

“We’re proud of our lamb and fish,” says Eleni, whose husband and co-owner of Volta receives a daily email profiling today’s catch.

The email is complete with the name of the fisherman who caught the fish, how it was caught, and from which boat.

“The fish go from boat, directly into a box of ice which is flown over night and received the next day,” says Jon.

Their local lamb is also fresh sourced from Fort Collins’ Crego Farms.

The couple loves to please. Good food is good food, but Volta offers the entire package. The restaurant is built around the concept of filoxenia, a Greek word that literally translates to “love of strangers.” Eleni explains that in Greece, a stranger is treated better than friends and family.

“If your friend or family member brings a new person to dinner, you treat them the best,” Eleni explains, “to make them feel appreciated and comfortable.”

It’s such warm Greek traditions that make Volta feel like a friend’s home—a comfortable gathering space first and noteworthy restaurant second.

Jon greets guests with a smile on Volta's Grecian patio. Sunny Boulder day on Volta's patio. Photo courtesy of Volta Mediterranean Restaurant.

Jon greets guests with a smile on Volta’s Grecian patio. Photo courtesy of Volta Mediterranean Restaurant.

Take a look at Volta Mediterranean Restaurant’s menu and stay up-to-date with Volta events.

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