Adult Learn to Swim Month


When Grahm Casden founded Ocean First Divers in 2007, he used his love of diving to create a company with a mission of environmental stewardship. To this day, Ocean First Divers bases all programs around the appreciation of aquatic environments and the creatures who call them home. 

In addition to eco-tourism, SCUBA certification and gear, the Boulder shop has an onsite, 88-degree pool where they host swim classes for a range of ages and abilities.

In lieu of Adult Learn to Swim Month, OFD holds exclusively-adult classes Monday-Thursday; one from 8:00-9:00AM and another from 1:00-2:00PM to make it easy to attend before work or during lunch hour.

“It’s especially important for adults with kids to be comfortable in the water,” explains Lauren Pacheco, Program Director of Ocean First Divers. “There’s a gut reaction to jump in after a child in danger.”

She quotes a statistic by the CDC which states that 10 people drown in the U.S. every day–many victims being the would-be rescuers of a swimmer in trouble. Another statistic finds that 37% of American adults can’t swim the length of a pool (25 meters).

A swim instructor herself, Pacheco testifies to the diversity of clients taking advantage of OFD’s classes. “I see a lot of adults who have had traumatic experiences with water, which result in a fear of swimming that ranges from a fear of the deep end to having an adverse reaction just looking at the pool.”

The classes are personalized to ensure each individual student achieves their goals and aren’t just for those with a fear of swimming. OFD has plenty of students who, for instance, have had an injury that requires low-impact fitness during recovery.

“A lot of our adult students are comfortable in the water but want to learn things such as technique and lane etiquette before hitting the gym lap pool,” says Pacheco.

Additionally, OFD offers courses specific to open water. Their upcoming 3-session course will train swimmers and divers to cope with open-water-specific variables such as current, weather, swell, and cold water. Because they are constantly being confronted with such variables, it’s important divers are strong swimmers, says Michelle Lievense, Marketing Director of Ocean First Divers.

“Boulder actually has the most divers per capita than any other city in the country,” says  Lievense; “Though we always seem to be fighting Florida for the title,” she jokes.

Check out Ocean First Divers trips on their website. Lievense says she’s most excited about the dive trips to Cuba, Egypt, and Africa this year.

Contact Ocean First Divers to get your personalized Adult Swim Class underway: 303.444.7234

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