The Art of film

Marianne Leviton founded the Boulder Filmmaking Incubator in 2006 as the community outreach sector of her award-winning video production company, Whistling Boulder Productions, Inc.

“It’s risky to practice on clients,” Leviton points out, which is precisely why she started the Incubator.  She wanted to create an active network of filmmakers who could meet in an environment that fosters and inspires independent filmmaking.

The Incubator has room for people in all walks of filmmaking—from writers to special effects, novice to expert, Leviton says her favorite part about the incubator is that it draws a cross-section of all aspects that go into filmmaking. The monthly meet-ups allow members to screen work at all stages of completion and to work on short narrative projects as a whole or as smaller teams. The projects allow people to hone skills or try their hand at new ones in an environment free from the pressures of business.

“Filmmaking is an interesting pursuit because it’s so collaborative,” says Leviton, “you rarely encounter someone making a film completely by themselves.”

“When creative people are isolated, it leaves them in the dark,” she says. “It’s important for creative people to be around other people who are perusing similar things.”

Leviton points out the diversity within the industry itself, where films vary from the Blockbuster hits that become household names, to commercial advertising, to artistic short films and everything in between. All genres do, however, have one thing in common: the creativity that took them from mind to screen.

The Boulder Filmmaking Incubator will be hosting a program of short films by Boulder filmmakers as a part of the first ever Boulder Arts Week. In addition to short films covering genres from avant-garde art films, to horror films, to documentaries, The Art of Filmmaking will feature a panel of filmmakers who almost entirely had a background in art preceding their filmmaking days. Leviton hopes the panel will inspire conversation beyond the typical Q & A session. The panel (and audience) will discuss topics spanning the industry including how art influences the business.

Leviton made sure to thank Boulder Digital Arts for providing a space for the Boulder Filmmaking Incubator to meet one Friday each month. The mere $3 donation per session helps pick up the production costs of all collaborative films created at the Incubator. Leviton also notes that most meetings have educational speakers and give away a filmmaking book courtesy of sponsor, Focal Press.

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