Grandma Dot’s meatballs (courtesy image) at D’Angelo’s Italian Deli

D’Angelo’s Italian Deli is where to go |

There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with having been an “original” customer of Boulder institutions like, say, Lucile’s, The Village Coffee Shop, or Mustard’s Last Stand.

Hurry over to D’Angelo’s Italian Deli and put a down payment on future bragging rights. Boulder hasn’t seen a ground-floor opportunity like this in a while.

The family-owned, scratch-food, counter-service deli actually opened in late 2012, but the buzz has taken on a new dimension since Zagat named its cheesesteak one of six must try sandwiches in Boulder last month.

I took their advice and, along with my east-coast native husband, found the sandwich to be 100% legit. We forewent the Whiz in favor of Provolone. The steak came sliced thin, piled high, and assertively seasoned on a soft and substantial fresh roll. It was crazy delicious.  

Philadelphia native Alisa Garry opened and operates D’Angelos with her mother and sister, and their menu pays loving tribute to the family’s Sicilian and Philly roots. Standouts: Creative hoagies made with fresh basil pesto mayo, scratch roasted turkey, fresh cut fries, and family matriarch Grandma Dot’s hand-rolled meatballs made every day. Show up early and get an egg and cheese sandwich on a pillowy roll that will send your eyes to the back of your head. Wash it down with a cup of fresh brewed Allegro coffee. It’s all good.

The portions are big and the prices are reasonable. We picked up a half dozen meatballs bathed in scratch-made marinara to serve with our own pasta at home. You can buy trays of chicken parmesan, baked ziti, sausage & peppers, cannoli and Italian cookies; perfect for parties. And D’Angelo’s delivers.

The authenticity and quality D’Angelo’s serves up are initially surprising, as the deli’s location next to Safeway on 28th Street is less than idyllic and has led some (ahem) to initially judge the place as another mediocre chain. Trust me, this is no chain.

D’Angelo’s seems to have what it takes to go the distance in Boulder: real food with character, authentic roots, and hard working owner-operators who truly care about the food they’re serving. We look forward to watching a long history unfold.   

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