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The Second Kitchen at 9th and College in Boulder (Robin Noble)

When Boulder was named “America’s Foodiest Town” by bon appétite in 2010, the magazine was  exalting more than our local restaurants. Also cited were Boulder’s “innovative food companies…and one of the best farmers’ markets in the country.”

Now Boulder counts The Second Kitchen as yet another unique eating enterprise. Opened last September, the city’s sole food co-op aspires not only to elevate Boulder’s accessibility to better food, but also our collective consciousness around eating “locally, organically, consciously and sustainably.”

Located near the CU Campus at 9th and College Streets on the Hill, The Second Kitchen is foremost a walk-in grocery store with a surprisingly diverse array of products on the shelves, considering its lean square footage. Locally raised meats, dairy products, and of course farm fresh produce are in abundant supply. So are bulk items, pastas and specialty foods.

“You can always walk in and get exactly what you need for a recipe,” explains co-op founder Sara Brody. “The difference is that here, you don’t have to worry about where your ingredients are coming from. We’ve already thought that through.”

IMAG0031In a lovely space that exudes a welcoming feeling, The Second Kitchen seems absent the stuffiness food co-ops can be known for. This co-op invites you to come in, look around, and select foods to make yourself and the planet healthier.

The Second Kitchen’s doors are open to the entire community, and all are encouraged to become member-owners. Currently more than 240 Boulder households belong, mostly families. Member-owners get discounted food pricing and many choose to work in the store for a few hours each month. Find out more about membership options.

It is not easy to convince people who haven’t heard of co-ops — or those who have a cynical impression — to shop in one. If this is you, give The Second Kitchen a try. You’ll be delighted and inspired by what you find.

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