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Robin Noble

Boulder Road Runners All-Comers Track Meets

Starting with the Bolder-Boulder, our corner of the world abounds in outstanding endurance events all summer long. Here’s one you may not know about but should: Boulder Road Runners All-Comers Track Meet Series. The every-other-week classic track meets began last night and continue through the summer.

As named, the meets welcome athletes of all ages and abilities, from little kids to 80-year-olds, rookies to Olympic champions and everyone in between. Show up at 5:30 and register for any event – foot races, jumping, throwing – everything except the pole vault. Cost is $5 per event, just $3 if you’re a Boulder Road Runner member.

The meets are held on storied grounds. CU’s Frank Pott’s field has served as the primary training track for countless future Olympians and world champions. It’s a particularly inspiring place for serious young athletes to compete. I met Longmont runners Hannah Aleksiev, 14, Maximus Aleksiev, 13, and Christopher Gaskill, 12.  Fit and fast, these kids train three times a week throughout the summer with local legend Ric Rojas, who brought upwards of 25 young runners to compete.

Lilly Chesher

Lilly Chesher

Twelve-year-old Lilly Chesher trains with the Landsharks Running Club, coached by Boulder superstar Melody Fairchild. Ms. Chesher ripped through 100 meters with a huge smile and appeared early addicted to the best high there is. “It was fun!” she said.

The sunset atmosphere here is simultaneously laid back and seriously competitive. George Zach is a very fit 44-year-old who comes out for the competition and camaraderie. Through the years he’s run alongside world class champions at the Roadrunners meets and quips: “It’s fun to run with these guys . . . now that they’re older.”

The next meet on June 19 is a great one for watchers. An official Team USA Olympic Day event, the meet falls just ahead of the 2014 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships in Sacramento. These factors make the Roadrunners track meet a magnet for big name competitors, especially in throwing categories. Olympian, world class discus thrower and CU Coach Casey Malone is expected to participate.

Boulder Road Runners Summer All Comers Track Meets Presented by Saucony
June 19, July 3 & 17, August 7 & 21
All ages and abilities welcome
Sign up at the meet; 5:30 PM at the track
CU’s Frank Pott’s Field in Boulder, Colorado
North of Colorado Avenue between Foothills Parkway and 30th Street
$3 per event for BRR members | $5 for non-members

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