The future of the 9-5

Causing damage to organs, backs, muscles and even your brain, “sitting is the new smoking.

When tech-savvy CorpCROP founder, Jen Klafin, was working a 9-5 office job in San Francisco, she began to gain weight and feel her overall happiness diminishing. As a regular volunteer with the urban permaculture farm, Hayes Valley Farm, Klafin saw an opportunity to work the growing trend of urban permaculture into the stagnant work place.

She returned to the Foothills of her past and chose Boulder as the proactive city to launch her idea. In its pilot season, CorpCROP has partnered with Elevations Credit Union where three community gardens were installed  last week.

Elevations Credit Union employees planting the inaugural CorpCROP garden.

Elevations Credit Union employees planting the inaugural CorpCROP garden.

“At the end of the day, it’s about employee engagement,” says Dennis Paul of Elevations. The company puts a hefty merit on employee wellness and engagement, sponsoring cooking, exercise, and healthy eating classes regularly; installing a community garden was a logical addition.


“They make it really easy,” reports Paul.

CorpCROP provides all the necessary materials, down to the aprons worn by the gardeners. They tailor a mixture of seeds and starter plants to fit each unique bed.

“It’s growing extremely well, I think it’s going to take over soon,” says Paul, “but I think that’s a good thing.”

CorpCROP encourages Boulder businesses and organizations to support other local businesses by sourcing their products from places like Boulder-based Farm Tub. The self-watering system in Farm Tub’s trough-style gardens make for an easy, low-maintenance, garden fit for offices with little open space.

“We hope to create a repeatable model,” says Klafin, “one that can be replicated anywhere in the world and will facilitate collaboration online.”

Members utilize the social collaboration site, Mango Spring. The community shares recipes, gardening ideas, and team tasks such as weeding and harvesting with the CorpCROP community.

The finishing touches...

The finishing touches…

Elevations Credit Union has plans to expand the program to their office off of Diagonal Highway where there’s enough room for an in-ground bed. “It’s a great wellness and learning exercise with tangible yield,” explains Paul.

CorpCROP has some pretty cool stuff in the works, too, including a “tower” hydroponic garden and an “eco-cycle” fish/plant garden designed for lobbies and other high-traffic areas.


Want your office to join the movement? Get all the info here.

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