Hazel’s: The Costco of Alcohol

Hazel’s Beverage World, better known as simply Hazel’s, is your one stop shop for anything alcoholic.

Hazel’s caries anything from fine wines (of which they have a very large selection), to ales, and even kegs for all your party needs. Located at 1955 28th Street in Boulder Colorado it is certainly the place to go to stock up on what you’re going to need for that crazy fun party you’re about to have or even for that art gallery opening you’re planning. They are open daily from 8am, maybe a bit early for your first drink but who are we to assume things, to 11:45pm.

Their store is clean, bright, and the staff is friendly and certainly helpful! Their prices are a good everyday average that won’t bleed you dry and they have frequent sales. One of the best things about the store is that they do use solar energy to help cool their beers, a very Boulder thing to do! Another fun thing they do is go there for their free tastings, which happen on Friday between 4pm-7pm and Saturday between 1pm-6pm.

Last but certainly not least you can even apply for a rewards card! It costs nothing to get or keep but gives you great rewards the more you shop there! And they don’t just sell the alcohol you’re looking for but also many of the fun things that go with it!

Article by Sarah Gager

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