New CU Rec Center Proves its Worth

The fall semester for the University of Colorado is well underway and students have an entirely remodeled rec center at their disposal.

This impressive remodel began in October of 2012, with a price tag of 63 million dollars. Paid for mostly by student fees, this remodel includes not only an 83,000 square foot addition, but an outdoor swimming pool as well.

The new and improved rec center boasts a high price tag, but you get what you pay for.  New weights, new machines, a new ice rink, a new climbing wall, new basketball courts, and fitness studios fill the inside of the much more aesthetically appealing rec center, offering 300,000 square feet of space for students and faculty. The outside pool, shaped like the CU Buffalo logo, is heated by excess heat between the new ice rink and its leftover water is to be used in faucets and showers.

The new and improved rec center is efficient, impressive, and accessible. There’s something for just about everyone between their many classes, intramural sports,  and outdoor programs. This remodel and addition project will surely make the rec an important landmark on campus and a highlight for any prospective students.

Photo Courtesy of the University of Colorado at Boulder 

Article by Cole Thompson

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