Pearl Street Mall: An Introduction For New Boulderites

Pearl Street, the best walking mall you’ll ever visit.  If you’re new in Boulder, you’ve probably been hearing about it.  If you haven’t gotten here yet or still don’t know your way around, here’s what you need to know about the most hip street in Boulder.

Not only does it have many good places to stop and eat but it also has fun stores and performers. You can almost always find a crowd watching something interesting from a man able to fit himself into a box to a man pretending to be a statue. There are also frequently musicians playing and every type of event from cultural to agricultural going on.

You can meander your way down the walking mall at nearly any time of day and since its all outside you get to enjoy the beautiful blue sky! Sure you might sometimes have to bring a coat or an umbrella but a little rain can’t dampen the spirits in downtown Boulder. It is also open during every season of the year, from summer to fall to winter and spring. Of course it gets a bit snowy during the winter but its kept clear and clean so no need to worry!


During CU’s school year you can also often hear and see the marching band playing as they go down Pearl Street in the evenings. This is always a fun thing to witness and a great bit of entertainment before or while you have some dinner! After dinner you can visit one of the ice cream stores or carts that line the sides of the walking mall. Or if you’d prefer something warm there are loads of unique  little coffee shops that you can stop into to warm your fingers and toes before wandering on again.  If night life is what you’re looking for, there are plenty of bars with lots of character ranging from an Irish pub to a roof top margarita bar and the occasional more elegant cocktail bar.

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So for all your shopping, dining, drinking, and entertaining needs Pearl Street walking mall is the place to go! Its certainly one of the best things about visiting, living in, or going to school in Boulder, CO! So plan to come on down and wander your way from one end to the other next time you’ve got some free time on your hands!


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