Halloween Costumes Done The Easy Way

Going out to party this Halloween? Well of course you are because you’re a college-aged kid who likes to drink and have a good time. But perhaps you’ve left off finding a costume idea because of one reason or another. Well here are the ten best ideas on the web of easy to create costumes for those of us who waited till the last minute.


#10. 50 Shades of Gray


Photo Courtesy of huffingtonpost.com


This costumes is as easy as going to your local hardware store, finding the paint section, and grabbing every little pain sample card that has different shades of gray on it. Now that you’ve done that feel free to go home and attach them all to the garment of your choice.


#9. Toga


Photo Courtesy of rachelwilkerson.com


Sure this is used specifically for a toga party but you can also do it for Halloween! And all it requires is a set of your bed sheets and either some string or a belt. Wrap yourself up in whatever way you want and then put that belt around your waits and you’re good to go!


#8. Stick Figure


Photo Courtesy of Buzzfeed.com


Got white clothes, black electrical tape, and a white paper plate? Good then you can go as a stick figure for Halloween! Draw a smile onto the back of that paper plate and make it into a mask, don’t forget the eyeholes! Now take those white clothes and put the black electrical tape on them to form the body and you’re good to go!


#7. Nudist on Strike


Photo Courtesy of Huffingtonpost.com


Don’t feel like even making an outfit to wear? Then this is perfect! All you need to do is put on your regular old clothes and get a cardboard sign with the words “Nudist on Strike” written on it and you’re good to go!


#6. Bat


Photo Courtesy of Buzzfeed.com


Got some black clothes and a cheep black umbrella? Well cut that umbrella up and make it into bat wings and go as a bat this Halloween!


#5. Facebook


Photo Courtesy of hellogiggles.com


Do you like visual puns? Then this is the outfit for you! Go put on some clothes, maybe a blue shirt given the icon for Facebook is blue, and grab a sharpie or other black pen. Now write the word “book” across your face and you’re done!


#4. 404 Error


Photo Courtesy of hellogiggles.com


If you don’t have a costume then why not just admit it? This is the perfect way to say you didn’t bother getting a costume! Write out 404 Error: Costume not Found on a white t-shirt and you’re good to go!


#3. Life Gives You Lemons


Photo Courtesy of weknowmemes.com


Find a shirt you don’t care too much about and write the word “life” on it. Now carry around some lemons with you an hand them out to people!


#2. Identity Thief


Photo Courtesy of Buzzfeed.com


Here’s another pun for you guys! Just go buy a bunch of those nametags that say “Hello my name is:” and write a bunch of different names on them. Now go ahead and stick all those tags to yourself and you’re good to go!


#1. Ceiling Fan


Photo Courtesy of weknowmemes.com


Just find a way to attach the words “Go Ceiling” to a t-shirt and you are good to go! If you really want to take it up a notch you can get a foam finger or pompoms to go with it and cheer your little heart out all night!

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