Innovation on the Corridor

US 36 Express Lanes Project

Exciting improvements are underway on US 36 as it transforms into a multi-modal corridor, which will include managed lanes prioritized for rapid transit and High Occupancy Vehicles (HOVs), as well as construction of the US 36 Bikeway. However, traveling on US 36 will can be stressful as the US 36 Express Lanes Project is underway.


A photo of the road from Boulder to Denver taken in the 1950s. Photo Courtesy of the Daily Camera



A current photo of traffic on US 36.  Photo Courtesy of the Denver Post


Curb Your Frustration

With backing from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and Regional Transportation District (RTD), nonprofit 36 Commuting Solutions has launched a Congestion Mitigation program for the US 36 corridor to influence the way people travel. While CDOT is transforming the corridor, the Curb Your Frustration campaign will educate commuters about tactics to reduce demands on the corridor.


US 36 carries 90,000-100,000 daily vehicle trips, operating near full capacity during peak hours. At the height of the program, 36 Commuting Solutions aims to reduce the vehicle miles traveled on the corridor by 13,000 miles daily–the equivalent distance would be driving from California to New York five times. The primary goal of the marketing program is to get solo drivers who travel during times of peak congestion to try alternative commutes such as transit or carpooling/vanpooling.


Benefits for Our Residents and Clients

In addition to reconstructing the general purpose lanes, the project will add a new Express Lane in each direction to facilitate Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service, high occupancy vehicles (HOV) and high occupancy toll travelers (HOT).


BRT will offer an efficient and reliable option to driving alone. It is part of the RTD FasTracks 2004 voter-approved plan to expand mass transit in the Denver metro region. Along with the new BRT service comes new technology, including 59 new Over the Road Coach vehicles, ticket vending machines, branding, programmable information displays, real-time bus information and Wi-Fi on board.


36 Commuting Solutions works with community leaders to actively raise awareness and develop funding sources for Bus-Then-Bike Shelters in Boulder. Improving how commuters get to or from a US 36 Park-n-Ride is an important consideration for making public transportation readily accessible and an attractive commute option.


The US 36 Bikeway will allow commuters to bike from Boulder to Westminster on an 18-mile long, 12-foot wide path. The US 36 Bikeway will also connect seamlessly to existing bicycle facilities the corridor communities have proactively constructed over the years.


Get Paid For Your Commute

36 Commuting Solutions is offering drivers cash incentives to start new car and vanpools, ride the bus and consider other commute options. To apply these cash incentives, fill out a quick application on


Those who drive solo and want to take the bus can apply for an RTD 10-ride Regional Ticket Book valued at $45. Select ‘transit’ on your application for this incentive.


New vanpool registrants receive a $75 vanpool subsidy off their monthly bill from their vanpool provider. 36 Commuting Solutions will match you with a local vanpool provider, depending on the geographic location of your commute and the hours you work. Every person who rides in the vanpool is eligible to apply for this incentive.


New carpool registrants receive $75 over two months for signing up with 36 Commuting Solutions. They must track eight round trips over two months on 36 Commuting Solutions will send out a $50 gift card after the first month of four logged trips, and a $25 gift card after the second month.


Master EcoPass Contracts

If you commute to a business near one of the following Park-n-Rides, your employer may be eligible for free EcoPasses. Businesses located within ¼ mile of McCaslin, Broomfield and Westminster Center Park-n-Rides are eligible to participate in a Master EcoPass Pilot Program. 36 Commuting Solutions is offering free EcoPasses to select organizations for distribution to full and part-time employees in 2015, with 70 percent off 2016 EcoPass contracts.


It Gets Better

US 36 construction will be complete in early 2016, making everyone’s commuter quicker and smoother. To learn more about updates on the US 36 Express Lanes Project, visit

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