Public Preschools in and around Boulder

If your tiny infant has morphed into a rambunctious toddler and will be preschool age next school year, now is the time to start exploring Boulder preschools.

In addition to many fine private preschools in the Boulder area, there are 19 public preschools in the Boulder Valley School District.  While many of those preschool spaces are for those who qualify for tuition-free admission, over the past several years BVSD has increased the number of preschools and spaces available on a tuition-basis.

Many of these preschool spaces will be filled through an Open Enrollment application, which you need to submit between December 1 and January 16 for the 2015-16 school year.

BVSD Preschool Curriculum

BVSD preschools follow the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum to teach pre-literacy and pre-math in an active, play-based environment. The learning is ‘active,’ meaning children are changing, moving, and making things, moving and using their bodies, and exploring.

Following is a compilation of BVSD preschools in Boulder, based on information available from the BVSD website or the school’s website.


Aurora 7 Preschool is located east of CU-Boulder and 30th Street in the elementary school building shared by two focus schools: High Peaks and Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies (BCSIS). For more information call 720-561-6560

Columbine Preschool, located in north central Boulder, has two classrooms: one for primary English-speakers, and one for primary Spanish-speakers. Classrooms are frequently integrated to enrich overall language development.  For more information call 720-561-2550.

Creekside Preschool is located in south Boulder in the elementary school building that hosts an international student population and a Garden to Table program. Preschool classes focus on academic and developmental learning standards. For more information call 720-561-3857.

Douglass Preschool, located in east Boulder, is now in its third year. Preschool classes are in a new preschool room and dedicated playground. This year a new school-wide program, The Leader in Me, aims to help develop the skills and confidence to become 21st century leaders.  For more information call 720-561-6618.

Heatherwood Preschool, located in northeast Boulder, uses teaching strategies that recognize that young children learn through active explorations and interactions with responsive adults, other children, and open-ended experiences which provide rich opportunities for learning. For more information call 720-561-6891.

Mapleton Early Childhood Education Center, located on Mapleton Hill, is the first center dedicated to Early Childhood in the Boulder Valley School District.  Now in its second year of operation, options include a bilingual classroom and an extended-day Preschool Enrichment Program (PEP) to supplement the preschool day. For more information call 720-561-6200.

University Hill Preschool, located just west of CU-Boulder’s University Memorial Center (UMC), is a Spanish immersion preschool program that respects and celebrates diversity and fosters oral language development and Kindergarten preparation. Typically, about half of the children are dominant Spanish-speakers and half are dominant English-speakers. For more information call 720-561-2966.

Community Montessori, located in south Boulder, is Boulder’s public Montessori school, and begins with the Primary multi-age classroom for age 3 through 6. All preschool students participate in the Open Enrollment process for admission. Preschool through Kindergarten students choose activities from materials  that develop the capacity for concentration, order, coordination, and independence.  For more information call 720-561-3700.

Following is a list of BVSD preschools in the surrounding Boulder area.


Aspen Creek Preschool offers four inclusive classrooms for children of all abilities. For more information call 720-561-8000.

Birch Preschool focuses on academic and developmental learning standards. For more information call 720-561-8800.

Kohl Preschool is located in Kohl Elementary, which has approximately 500 PreK-5th grade students. For more information call 720.561.8600.


Lafayette Preschool is located in Lafayette Elementary, which is a gifted and talented focus school. For more information call 720-561-8900.

Pioneer Preschool is located in Escuela Bilingue Pioneer, a 90/10 dual immersion bilingual focus school in Old Town Lafayette. For more information call 720-561-7800.

Ryan Preschool is located in Ryan Elementary STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). For more information call 720-561-7000.

Sanchez Preschool is located in Alicia Sanchez Elementary International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program School. For more information call 720.561.7367.


Fireside Preschool provides open-ended, child-directed and teacher-led opportunities in a play-based environment. For more information call 720-561-7960.

Monarch Preschool, located in Monarch K-8, offers four classrooms. For more information call 720-561-4000.


Nederland Preschool is located in Nederland Elementary, a rural school serving students who live within a 30-mile area along the Peak-to-Peak Highway. For more information call 720-561-4800.

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For more information, visit the BVSD website Preschools section.

Watch for our post on BVSD elementary schools coming in November. 


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