The Man, the Myth, the Manning

Photo Courtesy of ESPN.go

This past weekend the state of Colorado was lucky enough to witness history as Peyton Manning- Quarterback for the Denver Broncos- threw his 509th career touchdown, surpassing Brett Favre in career touchdowns.

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photo courtesy of espn.go


This feat by itself was a lot to brag about, but considering Manning’s recent injury he suffered in 2011, it’s nothing short of incredible. Manning underwent an anterior cervical disectomy and fusion to correct neck pain and loss of movement.  In the midst of a 4 month labor lockout with the NFL, Manning was unable to use the facilities and trainers of the Indianapolis Colts, so he turned to his long time friend and teammate Todd Helton and came to Colorado to work with the Rockies training staff in the privacy of their facilities.

At first Manning couldn’t throw the ball more than 10 yards. After weeks and weeks of rehabilitation and working with trainers, Manning regained the strength in his arm and made a miraculous comeback. His first season back from injury Manning threw for 37 touchdowns and 4,659 yards. The season after that he threw for 55 touchdowns and 5,477 yards.

Is manning just getting better with age? After his neck injury he has successfully broken records for career passing touchdowns (509), single season touchdowns (55), most passing yards in a season (5,477), most passing touchdowns in a single game (7), and highest yards per game season (342.31-in 2013). Manning has become the new face of Colorado sports and is simply exhilarating to watch.

With his new-found success, many have created drinking games to celebrate his success on and off the field.

Photo Courtesy of ESPN.go

photo courtesy of espn.go


Rules to the Official Peyton Manning Drinking Game:

-Take a drink every time he says “Omaha”

-Shotgun a beer every time he takes off his helmet exposing his red forehead

-Take a shot for every touchdown pass thrown

-Take a shot every time he does the “manning face”

-Take a shot if he appears in a commercial

-Order Papa John’s if the Broncos win


Be sure to watch the Broncos take on the San Diego chargers this Thursday at 6:25 pm Mountain time and take part in the Peyton Manning drinking game!

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