Boulder’s Public Elementary Schools – Part Two

A world-class education does not come in a one-size-fits-all package–which is why BVSD offers a variety of academic programs to choose from, beginning in elementary school.

Some are located in neighborhood schools, others in focus schools.

To help you get going on school registration for next year, we have compiled a summary of public schools in and around Boulder. Today, we will cover the seven public elementary schools in central and south Boulder.

Why Now–It’s the Holiday Season?!

Yep, it’s a busy time of year. But, if you are considering a focus school or school that is not your designated neighborhood school, you must submit your Open Enrollment application for the 2015-16 school year between Dec. 1 and Jan. 16.

But don’t worry–BVSD schools are excellent, so the process of discovery is fun. You can get a little cold touring schools in this brisk winter weather, but you can’t go wrong.

Elementary Schools in Boulder, Starting in Central Boulder

School information was summarized from BVSD and individual school websites.

High Peaks Elementary at Aurora 7 is located east of the CU-Boulder campus. This focus school features Core Knowledge curriculum, which is sequenced and rich in literature, science, history and social studies. High Peaks is a National Blue Ribbon School, recognized for academic excellence and consistently high test scores. Families are actively involved and staff and parents are committed to narrowing the achievement gap among diverse students. Kindergarten Enrichment is offered to extend the half-day Kindergarten program. For more information call 720.561.6500.

Horizons K-8 is a focus school located in east central Boulder. Horizon’s educational approach guides students to become self-directed learners through individualized learning in small class sizes of 16 to 18. All students participate in community service learning projects and parents are actively involved through extensive volunteering. Horizons has been named by 5280 Magazine as one of the top 100 schools in Denver Metro area; recognized by Global Education Fund for exemplary commitment to the world’s children; named as a UNICEF Emissary School; and is a repeat-recipient of the John J. Irwin School of Excellence. For more information call 720.561.3600.

Eisenhower Elementary is a neighborhood school serving a dynamic, involved east central Boulder community. Eisenhower encourages its diverse student population to reach their full potential through authentic work, fun and accomplishment. Gifted programs, ESL programs, special education programs, before- and after-school care and a variety of student activities are available. Eisenhower Elementary is a Green Star School.  Kindergarten Enrichment is offered to extend the half-day Kindergarten program. For more information call 720-561-6700.

Creekside Elementary,  located in south Boulder, is a neighborhood school with an international student population that speaks 25 languages. Student learning programs are differentiated based on performance, with special programming available for talented and gifted students and students who are struggling. The Garden to Table Program provides fresh, healthy, delicious meals in the lunchroom and lessons in the classroom. Preschool and full-day Kindergarten are available. For more information call 720-561-3800.

Community Montessori, located in south Boulder, is a focus school and the only public Montessori school in BVSD. Following the Montessori Method and BVSD curriculum, classrooms are multi-age: Primary includes children ages 3 – K; lower elementary is grades 1 – 3; and upper elementary is 4 – 6. Each student learns through a child-centered, individualized approach in a classroom environment that allows children to move freely and make challenging choices within safe limits and clear academic expectations. Transportation and a program for English-language learners are offered for those who qualify. For more information call 720-561-3700.

Bear Creek Elementary is a south Boulder-located neighborhood school where creative staff and engaged students learn with the support of parents and community. At Bear Creek, academic achievement is expected, all students are valued, and diversity is embraced. Sharing goals and a collective vision, the Bear Creek community has a passion for providing the best possible learning experience for all students and has been recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School. Kindergarten Enrichment is offered to extend the half-day Kindergarten program. For more information call 720-561-3500.

Mesa Elementary, located in south Boulder, is a neighborhood school that maintains high standards of academic rigor for each student and welcomes and celebrates diversity. As a Triple A school, Mesa balances arts, athletics, and academics. Performing and visual arts are highly valued programs, resulting in Mesa receiving the Kennedy Center Schools of Distinction Award for arts education. Mesa has been awarded the John J. Irwin Award for Excellence as an outstanding school of distinction. Kindergarten Enrichment is offered to extend the half-day Kindergarten program. For more information call 720.561.3000.

Take a School Tour

The best way to learn more about a specific school is to take a school tour. To find out when your school event is, click here.

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