Discover Boulder’s Public Elementary Schools

In our continuing series on Boulder Valley schools, today we offer Part One of our overview of Boulder’s public elementary schools.

Of 35 elementary schools throughout Boulder Valley School District, 14 are in the city of Boulder. Today, we will cover seven of those. Stay-tuned for Part Two for the remaining seven.

Lots to Like

Families in Boulder love their elementary schools–no surprise there. With the celebratory confetti just settling on the decisive win for 3A, the bond issue for BVSD, Boulderites reaffirmed that excellent schools are at the top of the agenda—and put $576.5 million down to prove it.

In fact, BVSD schools consistently rank among the top in Front Range school districts—often as THE top district. The payoff is big for Boulder families through a well-educated citizenry of all ages, and, on an individually rewarding level, through above average college entrance scores and receipt of scholarships.

So, if your child is entering elementary school, you’re in a great location no matter where you live throughout BVSD. Read on to find the perfect fit for your elementary student—whether you are seeking out your neighborhood school, or prefer to open enroll to a school offering a specific educational approach.

To see a full listing of the 35 elementary schools in Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, parts of Broomfield, and the mountain communities of Jamestown, Gold Hill, and Nederland, click here.

Mark Your Calendars 

If you are considering a school outside other than your designated neighborhood school, you must Open Enroll for admission. The application period runs from Dec. 1 through Jan. 16. Click here to find out more.

Schools offer tours for prospective families. To find out when your school event is, click here.

Elementary Schools in Boulder, Starting in NoBo

School information was summarized from the BVSD and individual school websites.

Crest View Elementary serves a large, socioeconomically and ethnically diverse area of north Boulder. Educational programs are personalized and a variety of options are available for special-needs students, talented and gifted and English-language-learners. Crestview’s nationally award-winning natural learning environment, the Habitat, provides hands-on learning in science. Kindergarten Enrichment is offered to extend the half-day Kindergarten program. For more information call 720-561-546.

Foothill Elementary, located in north Boulder, has been awarded the John Irwin School of Excellence for student achievement. Known for its excellent teachers, committed parent community and welcoming culture, Foothills provides rigorous academics and a whole child approach that supports social/emotional learning. Foothill has been recognized as a Green Star Environmental School. Kindergarten Enrichment is offered to extend the half-day Kindergarten program. For more information call 720-561-2600.

Columbine Elementary, located in central Boulder, has a diverse student body. All students learn to read and write in both English and Spanish and benefit from the Garden to Table science curriculum, Growing Dome Greenhouse, and outdoor gardens. Columbine has been recognized as a Green Star Environmental School. In 2014, Principal Medina was named School Leader/Administrator of the Year by the Colorado Association for Bilingual Educators. Preschool and full-day Kindergarten classes are offered. For more information call 720-561-2500.

Whittier International Elementary is nationally recognized as a model International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. Whittier is a neighborhood school with an international focus and a diverse school culture. Students originate from more than 25 different countries and speak 17 languages. All students are expected to excel in a rigorous curriculum of arts, sciences and humanities through the IB/PYP program, and to be prepared to be “citizens of the world.” Full-day Kindergarten is offered. For more information call 720-561-5431.

University Hill is a research-based Dual Language Program located just west of CU-Boulder. All students are expected to reach proficiency in English and Spanish and to be prepared for citizenship in a multicultural world. Preschool is 100 percent in Spanish, with the first emphasis on achieving literacy in the student’s native language. Children develop bi-literacy by studying science, mathematics, social studies and language arts in both languages. Preschool and full-day Kindergarten are offered. For more information call 720-561-5416.

Flatirons Elementary is a neighborhood school located in the western part of the University Hill area. The school offers an outstanding educational experience through a collaborative faculty and staff, supportive parents, and innovative learning community. The academic experience promotes success and students are guided to become lifelong learners and reach their full potential. Kindergarten Enrichment is offered to extend the half-day Kindergarten program. For more information call 720-561-4600.

Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies (BCSIS) at Aurora 7 is located east of the CU-Boulder campus. This Waldorf-inspired focus school features an aesthetic environment and holistic, Arts Integrated curriculum in which creative expression serves as the vehicle for academic learning. Teachers use stories, songs, movement, art, and music from around the world as tools for teaching math, language arts, science, and social studies. The science curriculum incorporates the school’s Garden-to-Table and Green Team program. Kindergarten Enrichment is offered to extend the half-day Kindergarten program. For more information call 720-561-6500.

Stay tuned for Part Two of our series on Boulder public elementary schools. We will cover the remaining seven public elementary schools located in central and south Boulder.

Learn More

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If your child will be preschool age next fall, read Public Preschools in and around Boulder.

For a full listing of BVSD elementary schools, visit the BVSD website pages on elementary schools.


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