Family-Friendly Dining in and around Boulder

If you have small children, chances are you aren’t dining out as much as you once may have. And if you do, likely you have your littles in tow, completely changing the criteria for what you seek in a restaurant.

Boulder and its surroundings tend to be pretty laid back as far as kids are concerned, but you and I both know that a “family friendly” restaurant consists of more than simply offering high chairs and a kids’ menu (although these DO help!).  To save you from unnecessary restaurant woes and toddler meltdowns (#firstworldproblems, am I right?) , I hope to provide profiles of some local joints that may – or may not – be good options for the days when the little ones are making at-home food prep even less appealing than traipsing out on the town with them.

First restaurant in the spotlight: The Post Brewing Co. , Lafayette

Post Food

This brewpub opened last year on West Emma Street in Lafayette, right off of South Public Road.  Having heard for months about their supposedly amazing fried chicken, I finally had the chance to see for myself.

First, I will tell you that they do, indeed, have high chairs and a kids’ menu. I’m not sure how baby/toddler friendly the indoor dining space is, since many of the chairs are barstool height, and booths are raised so it might be tricky to use a high chair alongside, but it would be fine for older kids for sure. I was there on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and we were able to sit outside. The outdoor space is spacious and lovely, with games such as bean bag toss and a bimini ring game (I had to look up the name of the latter, but it’s basically a long string with a little ring at the end that you swing and try to hook on a mounted hook. It’s fun, trust me.), and live music.  We saw a number of other families there with children as well, always a good sign.

As for the food, well, the rumors were true. The fried chicken was amazing and so moist and tender that my nine-month-old, who has only 1.5 teeth – was able to eat it with no trouble (minus the crispy skin, of course). And speaking of the skin, normally I remove fried chicken skin, but I felt like I could eat a plate of that alone, it was so tasty and well-seasoned. My husband got a flight of beers, which he really enjoyed. I, personally, prefer beers more on the malty side than the Colorado-style hoppy beers, but it looked like they had a pretty good selection for every taste. I enjoyed a “mocktail” that basically tasted like a mojito but with no rum. Delicious!

Service was great for about 90% of the time we were there, but then our server disappeared when we were trying to pay our check and scoot with a baby on the verge of meltdown. Eventually, another staff member who saw me standing up bouncing the baby and searching in vain for my server came over and offered to help me with the payment. So, that was a disappointing finish to an otherwise enjoyable lunch.

Back on the positive side, another bonus is that it’s a part of the Big Red F restaurant group, so if you’re looking for a gift card idea for the upcoming holidays, the recipient would have lots of options. And incidentally, if you don’t have kids, the place would probably be even more fun.

Address: 105 W Emma St, Lafayette, CO 80026

Phone:(303) 593-2066




Family-friendly atmosphere?  Outside definitely yes, inside slightly less so

Food? Delicious!

Service? Pretty good

Would I go here again? Yes


Have you tried this restaurant? Agree or disagree with this review? Let us know!

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