Meet Boulder’s Star High School Football Player, Johnny Feauto

High school can be a rough time in a person’s life but some students manage to navigate it well with a little help from family and a sport to focus their energy.  Boulder County is filled with these inspiring students, including Johnny Feauto, the star quarter back of the Fairview High School football team.

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Johnny, a Fairview senior, has been playing football since he was eight years old and comes from a very athletic and supportive family that has always encouraged his dreams of playing football.  Given his background, it’s no surprise that Feauto has excelled in athletics.

Johnny is a true athlete.  He doesn’t just stick with the single sport of football.  In the off seasons he plays baseball and basketball, allowing him to keep his competitive drive sharp year round.  As with most athletes, Johnny is a competitor and his love of football and insatiable desire to better himself inspire him to keep pushing forward.

However, that is not where the story of Johnny Feauto ends.  Besides being a stellar athlete he also manages to keep up in school and encourages others to reach their full potential.  Being a student athlete isn’t easy, Johnny admits, but with good time management skills it’s always possible to keep up in classes and still have ample time to dedicate to sports.


He takes the time to support and inspire others as well.  As the captain of his team he is burdened with setting the tone and pace of their practices.  Though sometimes he admits that it’s all fun and games with the guys he knows when it’s time to get down to business and really get some work done.  He is a part of the football community, meaning he supports other players and inspires potential players.  Every year the Fairview High School football team has training in Nederland allowing the Fairview players to connect with Nederland players.  Due to a recent accident some of the Nederland players had been seriously injured so after the game Johnny and the Fairview team showed their support for the Nederland players by bringing them dinner.  On top of this Johnny is open to speaking with or tossing the ball around with potential players for Fairview High School.

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Johnny with his sisters

While he seems like the real renaissance man of high school, it is not without difficulty.  Johnny revealed that due to his size he sometimes is disregarded by college recruiters.  He is ranked #16 in the country in terms of passing yards and #1 in Colorado in terms of passing yard, but Johnny is concerned that recruiters tend to skip over Colorado and look primarily at size when recruiting players.

Johnny is hoping to continue playing football in college but isn’t saying where he wants to go.  His priority is football.  He wants to start with what he’s passionate about and work everything out from there and why not?  He’s earned it.

Though perhaps not as talkative with me as he would be with his friends, it was obvious he had great confidence.  When asked if he was ever intimidated by the big guys he had to go up against he spoke like a true athlete and said with a smile “The bigger they are the harder they fall”.  Though he may have some trials ahead of him, that glimmer of confidence, his drive and passion for his sport will keep him pushing forward and undoubtedly bring him success in the future.

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