Vanpools Make it Easy to Commute

As the Curb Your Frustration campaign gains momentum, more Boulder County residents are signing up for the program to reduce solo driving.

36 Commuting Solutions is teaming up with regional partners to increase the number of vanpools traveling to, or through, the US 36 corridor in preparation for the opening of the US 36 Express Lanes Project in early 2016. The program provides a one-time $75 incentive to start or join a vanpool.

“I really enjoy reading and responding to e-mail and doing things with my hour commute every day. Obviously if you’re driving yourself you can’t do that,” says Brian Kedash, a Boulder resident who commutes to work at Advanced Systems Group in Northglenn.

36 Commuting Solutions subsidized the first month of Kedash’s vanpool after he filled out an application. The savings add up, especially for Boulder residents or employees who can combine multiple incentives from different organizations seeking to reduce solo driving. The University of Colorado Boulder is offering a $15 incentive per month through payroll deductions for CU Boulder employees to join a vanpool. The City of Boulder’s GO Boulder program is offering a $20 incentive per month to residents or employees who vanpool.

Vanpools are a great option for commuters who travel more than 15 miles to work one-way. Passengers share the ride in a van seating 5-15 people and pay a monthly fee which covers the cost of fuel, insurance and vehicle maintenance. Vanpool participants also receive the Guaranteed Ride Home service, which provides a free taxi ride in case of schedule change, emergency, etc. Check the list of vanpools traveling along US 36 to see if there are open seats available.

The Denver Regional Council of Government’s Way to Go program as well as Enterprise Rideshare provide vanpools in the Boulder County and Denver metro area. SmartTrips provides vanpool services to residents in the North Front Range region (Fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud, etc.). For more information about joining or starting a vanpool contact 36 Commuting Solutions at

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