Lit up for the Holidays!

Pearl Street Mall during these festive times is a great place to go! The lights are officially lit as of the 23rd of November and they are gorgeous. Given the early hour at which it gets dark now, it is a great time of year to head down to Pearl Street Mall to enjoy the lights. And while you’re down there you might as well stop in to one of any number of great places to eat dinner!



Here are four of my favorite places to stop on Pearl Street Mall to have dinner after admiring the beautiful Holiday lights.




A new, up-and-coming sushi restaurant on the Pearl Street Mall. It is situated closest to Broadway near Haagen-Dazs on the corner. The atmosphere is impressive and includes a moon jellyfish tank in the center, lounge seating as well as normal seating, and a great bar. It also boasts the largest sake selection in Boulder, so if you like sake, it’s a wonderful place to go. And for those of you who are concerned about budgets, they have an all-you-can-eat sushi night on Tuesday and it costs just $35 per person, not to mention, it is host to great happy hours. Visit:


Hapa Sushi Grill and Sake Bar

Another great stop for those on Pearl Street Mall! This particular sushi place is a favorite with a lot of people and has a wide variety of things on their menu. Where Japango is more traditional sushi Hapa sells itself as Hawaiian-inflected Japanese fare. Its just down the way from Japango on the other side of the mall, putting it closer to 11th street. One outstanding thing about Hapa is the fact that they have a specified Gluten Free menu for those in the area that have taken gluten out of their diet. They also do catering for events but it’s a must not miss atmosphere there. Its interior is well designed and has interesting lighting, making it welcoming and fun! For more information visit their website:


For these next two we’re going a bit off Pearl Street Mall but well within walking distance still. The first is affectionately known as The Med, full name being

The Mediterranean

As the name suggests it is a Mediterranean themed restaurant with great food and a fantastic happy hour menu! Their pizzas, pastas, and other dishes are all fantastic and make for a fun night. The restaurant itself is fresh and delightful with a lot of white washed walls and certainly a Mediterranean vibe to it! It is located on Walnut Street near the Saint Julian hotel. From Pearl Street Mall one can take 11th street down to Walnut and turn right after crossing Walnut. Head down and its tucked into a little alcove. For more information see their website:



The last place that makes this list and all because of its fun vide. They are open for Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner with a fun Happy Hour and Cocktail Element menus thrown in. They pride themselves on having their food come from the local farmers in and around the state, with some things being shipped in but they still prefer using environmentally friendly resources for all their foods. Their location is small but artfully decorated into feeling welcoming and bright even on chillier nights. They are located on the corner of 11th street and where Pearl Street once more becomes a road at the end of the walking mall section. For more information visit their website:

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