Year Review: Milestones Achieved on US 36 Express Lanes Project


In early spring, eastbound US 36 traffic was realigned onto new concrete pavement between 88th Street and Wadsworth Parkway.The last year has been busy on the US 36 Express Lanes Project! As 2014 comes to a close, it’s important to look back at all the exciting milestones that were achieved on the project:


CDOT Executive Director Don Hunt, RTD District O Director Chuck Sisk , RTD District J Director Larry Hoy and Mayor of Westminster Herb Atchinson

  • Also in the spring, the new bikeway and utility bridge were installed near McCaslin Boulevard, and 30 girders were set on the Sheridan Boulevard bridge.
  • As the project approached summer, construction began on the Diverging Diamond Interchange at McCaslin Boulevard with improvements for  the on- and off-ramps.
  • August marked the beginning of the first phase of permanent pavement on westbound US 36 on Phase 1 from 88th Street to Wadsworth Parkway.
  • In the fall, the final phase of eastbound traffic was realigned onto new concrete pavement from Sheridan to Federal Boulevard and the widened Sheridan Boulevard bridge opened to traffic.

US 36 Express Lanes Project  in 2015

The coming year will be just as busy as 2014 as crews get ready for the opening of Phase 1 and embark on the final summer of construction on Phase 2! Next year Phase 1 of the construction project will open from Federal Boulevard to 88th Street in Louisville. Express Lanes will be available for high occupancy vehicles (HOV), RTD buses and tolled vehicles.


With HOV and tolled vehicles sharing the new US 36 Express Lanes, a new switchable HOV transponder will be introduced when the lanes open. The switchable transponder is necessary to accurately decipher between HOV and tolled vehicles that are all traveling on a single-lane facility.


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As the largest CDOT project in the state, the $497 million undertaking will develop the US 36 BikewayBus Rapid Transit (BRT) service, and a new managed lane in each direction from Federal Boulevard to Table Mesa Drive in Boulder. Read more about the project elements that go into the US 36 Express Lanes Project.
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