Dance & Music Ignite at The Dairy

photo courtesy Heather Gray Photography

This Friday, Boulder blazes in full celebration of the first day of the second annual Boulder Arts Week.

Artistic treats include a visually scrumptious feast for eyes, ears and mind with performances and classes available at The Dairy Center for the Arts.

Performance — Bach Uncaged

Mash-up and Bach are not usually muttered in the same breath. But, then neither are opposite-ends-of-the-scale composers Bach and Cage.

Except in one promising exception, “Bach Uncaged.”

photo courtesy Heather Gray Photography

photo courtesy Heather Gray Photography

In this much-anticipated creation of transportive dance and music, Boulder dance/theater company 3rd Law joins Boulder Bach Festival Music Director and amazing electric violinist Zachary Carrettin with Marcia Schirmer on prepared piano to concoct this unlikely duo, punctuated by narrative-style dance.

Tickets are fast selling out so click here now to get in on the experience.

The new collaboration bridges the transcendent music of J.S. Bach with the avant-garde sensibility of influential 20th century American composer, John Cage.

Smart, risky, and relevant are how audiences describe 3rd Law’s productions.

photo courtesy Heather Gray Photography

photo courtesy Heather Gray Photography

Following 2014’s sold-out “Obstinate Pearl,” 3rd Law artistic directors and husband-wife team, Katie Elliott and Jim LaVita, were approached by the Boulder Bach Festival to create this extraordinary collaboration.

Performances of Bach and Cage are interspersed with improvisations by musicians Carrettin and Schirmer, with Carrettin moving with the dancers and Schirmer delivering altered sounds via a piano affixed with nuts, bolts and other items.

Uncaged indeed.

Parlando School for the Arts – Now Enrolling for Summer

photo courtesy Sue Daniels Photography

Parlando means ‘to speak in a musical way,’ and founder and executive director of Parlando School for the Arts, Travis LaBerge, delivers that goal well for 725 students of all ages and abilities enrolled in one of the largest music schools in Colorado.

An accomplished pianist, LaBerge is one of the most sought-after piano instructors in the region.

Parlando School for the Arts shares the language of music and arts through high quality arts education, tuition assistance, performance opportunities, and community outreach. Students study piano, voice, violin, guitar and much, much more.

Rehearsals are currently underway for the 2015 musical Bye Bye Birdie, which premiers June 4.

Enroll by May 1 for summer camps and programs.

Dance for PD — Ongoing Class for Parkinson’s Patients

viki headshot, best copy

Viki Psihoyos

Viki Psihoyos, a retired NYC ballet dancer, first discovered Dance for PD while visiting her dad when he had Parkinson’s Disease.

“I attended class with him and it was pretty phenomenal what was going on,” Psihoyos recalls.

Inspired, she trained on the technique with the originators of Dance with PD, the Mark Morris Dance Group in Brooklyn, New York. In 2013, she started a pilot program in Boulder, which is thriving.

“When someone has Parkinson’s disease, you probably would see a person who’s hand is jumping around with a tremor. Some people shuffle their feet or are unsteady on their feet, or the body curls in the posture disappears. The eyes start looking down. To spend your life not looking in the eyes of another human is very tragic,” Psihoyos says.

She is quick to point out that Dance with PD is not a cure for Parkinson’s.

Dance for PD class, led by Viki Psihoyos

“We’re just keeping the effects of the disease at bay. We’re working with our feet, our hands, our upper body. But, the most important part is that it’s artistic. Someone diagnosed with Parkinson’s spends a lot of their time at appointments, medical facilities, talking about medication and trials and physical therapy, which is all important.

“This is a nice opportunity to do something creative and fun and community based because it’s open to the caregivers and partners and families and we all dance together,” Psihoyos says.

Dance for PD meets every Tuesday in The Dairy’s performance space for one hour, with 12 – 14 students in the class. Psihoyos notes that it is a perfect venue for her students.

“It’s big, it’s open, it’s accessible and there are galleries, so it’s a multi-artistic environment,” Psihoyos says.

Confidence Returns

“My favorite thing is when people forget their walkers or canes when they leave. They came in relying on their walkers for balance, and then class is over, and they aren’t relying on any kind of aid to get them around,” comments Psihoyos.

“I’ve also seen some people get their confidence back by moving,” says Psihoyos.

For Psihoyos, that is not such a big surprise. Dancers know from experience, movement to music is the stuff of life.

For more information, contact Viki Psihoyos.

Supporters of the Arts

3rd Law is also supported by:

Boulder Arts Commission (an agency of the Boulder City Council), Boulder County Arts Alliance, Colorado Creative Industries, The Denver Ballet Guild, Polk Family Charitable Fund, Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, and through corporate funding and contributions from generous individuals.

Parlando School for the Arts is supported by:

Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD), Colorado Creative Industries, Boulder Piano Gallery, Holland & Hart, Boulder Arts Commission, Youth Opportunities Program, The Dexter and Dorothy H. Baker Foundation, Community Foundation, The Dairy Center, The Ida Fun of the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County, Wolf Family, The Carob Fund

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