Tonight: Boulder Struts Her Art-Rich Stuff

From BonBon, Butterfly Eyelashes Blue

Prepare to be Transformed.

BMoCA kicks-off the second annual Boulder Arts Week with an opening party featuring artworks sure to be unexpected, dazzling and fun, from 5-6:30 p.m. tonight.

When it comes to art, Boulder has the eighth largest concentration of artists in the country and is recognized nationally as a top arts destination. unnamed

So, at tonight’s free, family-friendly kick-off party, get ready to see, hear and experience a LOT.

Festivities include:

  • All You Can Artist Buffet — artists and performers preview BAW attractions
  • BonBon — a live performance installation in BMoCA’s Present Box
  • Substrate — site-responsive artworks by local, national and international artists

All You Can Artist

“All You Can Artist Buffet,” a signature Boulder Fringe Festival event, offers a lightning-round view of artistic talent including music, dance, poetry, literature, and storytelling. Up to 15 artists will be featured.

“You name it, Boulder has it. Each artist has one minute to perform and one minute for Q&A. It will be really dynamic and fun and exciting and hopefully a little bit weird,” says BMoCA’s Randee Toler. The event was curated by Boulder Fringe Festival.

BonBon – BMoCA’s Present Box

In a premier live performance video installation piece, Denver artists Kristen Hatgi Sink and Jillian FitzMaurice will fill BMoCA’s lobby and front entrance with giant white glitter-filled balloons and a specially commissioned video.

From BonBon, Butterfly Eyelashes Blue

From BonBon, Butterfly Eyelashes Blue

The space will be transformed into a stage set, delivering an experience that is “quiet , subtle and beautiful–but, loud and gross at the same time,” according to visual artist and photographer Kristen Hatgi Sink.

A short performance featuring the video photography of Sink and live performance by FitzMaurice will fill the space with beautiful, yet somewhat disturbing imagery symbolic of the joys and destruction of overabundance and constant stimulation.

The video installation is live now, with two performances scheduled:

  • Tonight at 6:00 sharp
  • Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

“BonBon” is the first collaboration of the two artists.

“I’ve been in the Denver area for a while and Jillian’s been modeling for me. She’s an artist and was contributing so many wonderful ideas to my projects and just having wonderful input, so we decided to collaborate on the project,” says Sink.

Sink’s video features rich ice cream and an abundance of sweet stuff being poured over FitzMaurice’s head — among other scenes. On set, balloons float through the air and are littered on the ground, while the video plays on the wall, spilling over onto the air-born balloons.

Denver photographer and visual artist, Kristen Hatgi Sink

Denver photographer and visual artist, Kristen Hatgi Sink

During the live performance, FitzMaurice will shoot the balloons with arrows, which burst with a bang. “It’s jarring when you watch, it’s exciting and over stimulating but in a very pretty, understated, dramatic way. That’s why it’s called BonBon, it’s like a sugar rush. There’s the sweet side but also the really disgusting, over-consumption and rotting,” says Sink.

Sink anticipates that the audience’s experience will be “kind of intense. It’s very short, about five minutes all together. I think of it like a little present. It’s like going to a ballet but it’s so small, it’s like a moment in time. There’s too much to look at and it all goes very quickly,” says Sink.

For photographer Sink and painter and performer FitzMaurice, this is their first video and performance, so the medium is new to them.

No doubt, the experience will be one to remember.


photo courtesy of BMoCA

photo courtesy of BMoCA

Also on display is BMoCA’s spring exhibition, “Substrate,” features seven interactive, 3-D, site-responsive artworks that alter your experience of the museum surroundings from the ground up, according to BMoCA’s Toler.

Local, national and international artists were encouraged to physically challenge the structure of the museum, resulting in works that conceptually subvert the institutional framework.

Described as additive to the history already marked on the floor of BMoCA, “the artists leave their own layer on the history of the museum….summon ghosts from our past, peel back layers of history….drawing attention to how we experience art and architecture.”

“Substrate” features artworks by Theresa Anderson, Adam Bateman, Graham Eschen & Aaron Miller, Rosane Volchan O’Conor, Cheryl Pope, Robbie Rowlands, and Michael Theodore.

So Go

Bouder Art Week Opening Party

  • at BMoCA tonight, 5-6:30 p.m.
  • RSVP encouraged but not required
  • Attendance is free

Food, non-alcoholic beverages and music are on tap for this family-friendly event.

Boulder Arts Week runs March 27-April 4 at locations all over Boulder. For events, click here.

BIFF is offering a free presentation of the Best of BIFF Shorts at the Boulder Public Library Canyon Theater (1000 Canyon Blvd) at 3:00pm on Saturday, March 28.

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