Voice your concerns! RTD proposals affect bike commuters

The time is now to participate in transit planning!

RTD has proposed service changes on the buses running on the US 36 corridor originating at both 14th & Walnut in Boulder and the Boulder Junction, terminating at Union Station and Civic Center station, respectively. The new service, called the “Flatiron Flyer,” will use new buses. Because the new buses have less underneath storage capacity and because existing service is essentially being split to service the additional origins and destinations, there will be less capacity for bicycles on the US 36 routes.

Community Cycles has determined that 10 fewer bikes per hour will be accommodated during peak AM and PM hours. This represents a 12.5% reduction in service for bike on bus. We feel RTD could alleviate some of this problem by putting 3 capacity bike racks on the new buses. RTD continues to be unwilling to consider the 3 capacity racks. It should be noted that all the reasons RTD objects to these racks have been overcome by other transit agencies and, on our request, those transit agencies have shared this information with RTD.

Additionally, we believe the new adjacent US 36 Bikeway will create more demand for bike on bus, as some people will want to bike one way and put their bike on the bus for the return trip.

Finally, very little funding has been dedicated along the new Bikeway and at the US 36 bus stations for bike parking and secure bike shelters. Community Cycles feels installing safe, secure bike parking along the US 36 corridor should be funded as part of the Fastracks project.

Community Cycles feels these issues are very important to bicyclists and we are working with our partners at the City of Boulder, Boulder County, Boulder Transportation Connections, CU, US 36 Commuting Solutions, eGo CarShare and others to address bicyclists concerns.

What can you do?

Write RTD at service.changes@rtd-denver.com and cc: charles.sisk@rtd-denver.com to tell them:

Reduction in bike capacity on the US 36 corridor concerns you (if you have a story, please tell it).

RTD should install 3 capacity bike racks on the Flatiron Flyer buses

RTD should install bike parking and secure bike shelters at all the stations in the US36 corridor

For more information: http://www.rtd-denver.com/servicechanges-us36.shtml

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