Community Cycles and Whole Foods Market Baseline Support Whole Planet Foundation

Together Community Cycles and Whole Foods Market Baseline raised awareness and donations for Whole Planet Foundation one bike at a time.

On Saturday, March 21st, Community Cycles bike mechanics came to Whole Foods Market Baseline, fixing bikes and building the biking community while helping raise money for Whole Planet Foundation.

 The Whole Planet Foundation makes microloans to individuals worldwide to help people start their own businesses — often rural, agricultural small businesses. These loans usually average $186 per person.

Community Cycles @Whole Foods Market Baseline

Community Cycles mechanics tuned up over 20 bicycles — tune locally, give globally! And several Whole Foods shoppers took the plunge and became Community Cycles members, helping to build a culture of cycling in Boulder.

Stay tuned for more fun: In September, Community Cycles will be joining Whole Foods Market Baseline and Pearl Street for Community Giving Day. More details to follow!

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