Wonderful Performances This Week at The Dairy Center

This week the Dairy Center for the Arts is hosting a marvelous line-up of cinema, theater, and aerial dance.

Here are the featured events for the week of May 18:

Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance: Fragments

Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance presents the Professional Training Students’ Culminating Show. An Evening of stunning aerial pieces demonstrating 9 months of rigorous training and inspiring choreography. Performances this Friday at 8:30pm and Saturday at 4:00pm. Tickets available here for  $16-$18.


The Upstart Crow: The Flies by Jean-Paul Satre

Sartre’s existentialist take on the myth of Orestes and Electra plays Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm in the East Theater, and Sunday at 2:00pm. Tickets available here for $21-$25. 



The Boedecker Theater: Symphony of the Wild

This dazzling wildlife spectacle propels us into the very private world of some of Earth’s most endearing critters. Set across a global stage, a parade of four-legged talents struts its stuff against the backdrop of great classical works. This live-action ‘Fantasia’ depicts breaching mighty whales, charging elephants, roaring big cats, and a slew of other favorites performing in tandem with a symphony orchestra. A highly-original event that will thrill audiences of every age, particularly those with a growing concern for the well-being of the planet. Screens this Saturday at 12:30pm and every Saturday during May. Tickets available here for $6-$11. 


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