This Week at the Boe Theater

This week at the Boedecker Theater: Boulder’s Art House Movie Theater at The Dairy Center for the Arts.

Midsummernightdream_400x516Wednesday at 1, our cultural programming encore is Shakespeare’s Midsummers Night’s Dream from the Globe. Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of his happiest and most loved comedies. In this popular comedy, a quartet of mismatched lovers, and a gaggle of hapless actors and mischievous sprites cross paths with the king and queen of the fairies who are entangled in their own domestic dispute. This a joyously inventive and touching production of Midsummer Night’s Dream.  I think Shakespeare would like it. Buy your tickets here.

redarmy_400x593Wednesday at 7 we begin a 4 day showing of Red Army, which premiered at Cannes, followed by a talkback hosted by Mark Leiderman, a CU Professor of Russian studies.  Starting in the late ‘70s, Red Army tells the fascinating tale of Russia’s national, military-run hockey club that rose to world domination due to rigorous, sometimes brutal training and ruthless coaching tactics. Players were bred to beat the west, with young children selected by Soviet officials to enter intensive bootcamps.  Red Army is a slick, witty, fast-moving blend of sports story and history lesson which goes far beyond the hockey-fan demographic. Werner Herzog produced Red Army and it is a master class in documentary filmmaking.  Don’t miss it.  Additional screenings are Thursday at 2:30, Friday at 1:30 and 6:30 and Saturday at 5:30. Buy your tickets here.

TheHandThatFeeds_400x591Thursday at 7:30 in collaboration with the Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA) there is a special one time only screening of The Hand That Feeds.  There will be a special introduction by EFAA’s Director of Programs, Elizabeth Freedman, who will touch on how topics in the film relate to local experiences of low-income families. The Hand That Feeds is a wonderful film about deli workers who organize for better conditions in New York City.  It  is a deeply felt, unapologetically pro-worker film that will hold you in suspense through its final minutes.  But it’s not just about the battle for workers’ rights, it’s also about the fight for simple human dignity. Buy your tickets here.

nocturna_poster400x572Our Kids Movie Saturday at 12:30 is the last showing of this family-friendly movie in June – Nocturna, which tells the story of Tim, a chubby faced child living in an orphanage, who is afraid of the dark. His only solace during the long nights is the star his mother pointed out to him before she died. When that star disappears from the sky one night Tim becomes concerned, setting out on an adventure and enlisting the help of the creatures of Nocturna — the workers that make the night come alive. While we attempt to discover what’s happening to the lights, we’re also treated to a magical explanation of what happens while we sleep. Buy your tickets here!

DonGiovanni400x593Sunday at 1 our cultural programming will be Mozart’s ever popular Don Giovanni from the Salzburg Festival. Don Giovanni premiered in Prague on October 29th 1787 and it has fascinated audiences ever since. This very successful opera is inspired by the myth of the legendary and incredible seducer, Don Juan. Whether or not you believe Don Giovanni is Mozart’s best opera, you can’t deny that the last scene may be the best finale in opera.  Leading the Wiener Philharmoniker is the German conductor Christoph Eschenbach. There will be an encore on Wednesday 7/1 at 1 PM. Buy your tickets here!


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