Eating from Skratch

Boulder-based Skratch Labs has taken the hydration market by storm.

Just take a look at the pro athlete’s boxes on The Feed, and you’ll find Skratch Labs powdered exercise hydration mix is the preferred way to hydrate.

“It’s scientifically engineered to be as little scientifically engineered as possible,” says Shawn Milne, marketing coordinator for Skratch Labs. image courtesy Skratch Labs image courtesy Skratch Labs

Founded just over three years ago by Allen Lim and Ian MacGregor, Skratch Labs got its start when riders on the Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling Team complained about stomach issues. To solve the problem, Lim, the sports nutrition doctor for the team, made a product with simple ingredients to replenish electrolytes while being easy on the stomach.

“We use sodium citrate which is a little different from sodium chloride, but still delivers the salt content that you need,” says Milne.

Add actual fruit for flavoring so it tastes good, and you have the genesis for Skratch Labs.

“It’s incredibly simple, but incredibly scientifically studied and researched to support the basis of it. You put in all of those scientific studies and the result is just eat simple foods, eat whole ingredients, drink whole ingredients, and your body responds better to it.

The cycling world was waiting for something better. When Skratch came out, it blew up,” says Milne.

image courtesy  Skratch Labs

image courtesy Skratch Labs

Now, the company is jumping into other sweat-inducing activities such as firefighting, triathlons, climbing, pro hockey teams and polo.

Even NASCAR racers are drinking Skratch.

It’s Better to Cook from Skratch

In addition to making products, Skratch Labs teaches the value of cooking a great meal.


image courtesy Skratch Labs

That’s where the Skratch Cookie Mix and cookbooks come in. “The Cookie Mix goes along with our ethos of making stuff on your own and whole simple ingredients are better than something that’s prepackaged,” says Milne.

Chef, restaurant owner, and food expert, Biju Thomas collaborated with Allen Lim on “The Feed Zone Cookbook” and travels to sporting events with Skratch Lab’s food truck.

The idea of the food truck is to give out a delicious dish that has few ingredients and is easy to make. “For example, at Ride the Rockies, Thomas made two rice bowls every day for anyone who wanted one,” says Milne.


courtesy image

In December, Thomas opened a restaurant in Denver, Biju’s Little Curry Shop.


Where to Buy Skratch

  • Most bike shops
  • Whole Foods
  • REI
  • Online dealer locator
  • Online sales

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