Making the Most of the US 36 Express Lanes

More Choice Through Innovation

The game plan is changing for how people travel on US 36, bringing with it innovative technology and improved multi-modal options.

Starting July 22, the US 36 Express Lanes from Westminster to Louisville will be tolled for those who are driving alone. Two general purpose lanes will be available for everyone to travel on for free. For those sharing a ride through carpooling, vanpooling or taking the bus, the US 36 Express Lanes will be free.

Those who are carpooling can purchase a Switchable HOV Pass through ExpressToll. The Pass is mounted on your windshield and switched from Toll to HOV, depending upon your trip type. There are seven tolling points on US 36 where an overhead sign will scan the Switchable HOV Pass and charge your ExpressToll account accordingly. These mechanisms are in place to ensure the US 36 Express Lanes get you where you want to go quickly.

Toll Pass

Free Switchable HOV Passes for New Carpools

Commuters who travel on US 36 and who start or join a carpool are eligible to receive a 36 Commuting Solutions $75 carpool incentive.

Qualifying participants who track two months of carpool trips will receive $40 for the first month that they log their trips and $35 for the second month of tracked carpool trips. The carpool incentive includes a $15 Switchable HOV Pass rebate. If you plan to carpool on the US 36 Express Lanes, you’ll need the Switchable HOV Pass to ride for free. To apply, please complete our application and be sure to indicate your interest in carpooling.


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