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If you’ve been eating the same old nutrition bars for training, it’s time to up your game.

With several Boulder companies offering an innovative approach to optimal performance fueling, it’s easier than ever to eat for those epic challenges. This week the Boulder Source caught up with The Feed to get a glimpse into the evolving world of sports nutrition.

The Feed – Food for Athletes

While running the Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling Team, The Feed founders– Matt Johnson and Bryan Smith– found a gap between the needs of athletes and the active nutrition marketplace.

Serious athletes needed a resource where they could buy the best nutrition and learn how to eat to boost performance. Yet, such a resource did not exist.

So Johnson and Smith set out to create a complete online source for healthy sports nutrition and, two years ago, launched The Feed.

TheFeed.com image courtesy of The Feed

TheFeed.com image courtesy of The Feed

Today, The Feed offers:

  • a customized selection of 120 brands and over 500 products,
  • an inside peek into products preferred by individual athletes, and
  • a nutritional counseling program that’s a screaming deal.

The Feed’s current promotion, buy any product, get items pictured above for free.

Customization and Information Rule

“While you can buy a lot of products on the Internet, you get very little information about each one. We’ve built a customized shopping experience where you can pick out the products you want and you don’t have to buy a whole box of one product,” says John Franklin, head of business development and marketing for The Feed.

Customers can build their own box or pick and choose from products in pre-built boxes like The Tour de France, The Pro, or the all-time favorite Colorado Box.

Image courtesy The Feed

Image courtesy The Feed

Fine-Tuning Nutrition

The goal in fueling for performance is to fine-tune nutrition. “The only way to do that is to test,” says Franklin.

“It’s a constant process of making incremental improvements to see better results with how you’re fueling. Customers can purchase products, then train and try the products and get back to us with what products worked and what didn’t,” notes Franklin.

Focused on providing information and education, the online storefront has extensive blog content.


www.TheFeed.com Image courtesy The Feed

For example, if you need to know what a recovery powder is and how it is used, The Feed explains it. The website’s extensive filtering function also allows quick access to options like gluten-free, vegan, or foods to use during workouts.

And you can ‘Learn from the Pros’ through an inside peek at the preferred products of individual athletes, ranging from cyclists to skiers.

Or, for a completely individualized approach, you can consult with The Feed’s nutrition coaching program run by founder Bryan Smith. Phone or email consultations with The Feed’s team of nutritionists are unlimited for just $99/year.

Where to Shop The Feed 

Stay tuned next week for a look at Skratch Labs fresh take on hydration and eating.

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