Butcher & The Blonde Make Their Food Dreams Come True

Once upon a time… The Butcher, Tom, born in Connecticut and raised in Colorado, met The Blonde, Caitlin, who hails from nearby Lafayette.

Their story begins in the kitchen of Nissi’s, a restaurant situated just outside of Boulder where The Butcher worked as the head chef while The Blonde served.

With their love at full boil, Caitlin spent a summer studying in Prague. The Butcher would join The Blonde as they “ate their way through Prague, France, and Spain.” After a beachside proposal in the South of Spain, they took to planning and catering their own wedding in 2013. Combining their love of good food with their extensive experience and education in hospitality, The Butcher and The Blonde set out to make their dream come to life. Beginning with a catering company, they purchased a food truck, “their baby” in 2014.

Says The Blonde, “We bought our food truck on August 1, 2014 and we can’t wait to entertain the streets with our culinary creations inspired by our world travels.”
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I recently sent word to The Blonde requesting an update on their journey. Caitlin was eager to reply:

“We are having a great first summer out on the truck. I think my favorite part has been meeting so many amazing people that make up our thriving community. As a Lafayette native I’m always proud to serve in my hometown.

While serving friends, family, and neighbors, we get a lot of questions, such as, ‘How do we work together all day long? And what’s next?’ Our response is always that we have been working together for years. Having met in the restaurant industry we have basically been grooming ourselves and each other for this path. However, as a husband- and wife-owned business, we have taken teamwork to a whole new level!

As far as what’s next? We have so many goals and dreams for Butcher and The Blonde. But for now, we are focusing on all that has come with our first year of the food truck business: weddings, festivals, private events, and craft brew pubs every night!”

Let Butcher & The Blonde make your food dreams come true, “whether it is an intimate gathering or a 200 person party.” As the summer comes to an end, Butcher & The Blonde will be filling the off-season with full service catering and holiday parties, creating dining experiences that are first and foremost delicious, but also fun.

For more information, visit: http://www.butcherandtheblonde.com/

Become a fan on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Butcher-The-Blonde/215557868620780


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