Boulder Cleaning Company Makes Life Easier for Women Living with Cancer

If you’re a woman undergoing cancer treatment, you now have one less thing to worry about. Clean Conscience, a Boulder cleaning service that uses only environmentally safe, non-toxic cleaning products will clean your home for free.

The local cleaning service has partnered with Cleaning for a Reason, the nation’s first non-profit organization dedicated to providing free house cleaning services for women undergoing cancer treatment.

“Dealing with cancer is difficult enough,” says Greg Macchia, founder and owner of Clean Conscience, who speaks from personal experience following his own mother’s and sister’s struggle with cancer. “Knowing we can help families during trying times is profoundly gratifying.”

As the local chapter member for the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation, Clean Conscience has committed to providing four free housecleaning visits once a month for up to four months to women undergoing treatment for cancer. Open slots still exist in the Boulder program.

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“Right now we have two women that participate in this program who we clean for on a regular basis. We can take up to four women at one time, so we want others to know this service is available,” says Macchia, whose customers have been deeply affected by the company’s charitable offer.

“I cannot express how wonderful it is to have someone come and clean my home, it helps ease the burden considerably,” says Theresa Diaz, a single mother with a 7 ½ year old son who is undergoing treatment for cancer. “There’s nothing like surgery and radiation to kill your will to mop and vacuum. I have been genuinely moved by the kindness of Greg’s staff. Their work makes a huge difference.”

If having their homes cleaned for free is a nice bonus, cancer patients can also enjoy the added satisfaction of knowing that Clean Conscience uses only environmentally safe, non-toxic cleaning products and practices. Most traditional cleaning companies use household cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals and bleaches.

“It’s hard to express my gratitude—when Greg showed up with his gracious offer—it was one of the finest things that has happened to me since I found out I had cancer,” says Bobbe Belmont, who breathes a sigh of relief knowing no chemical smells were left behind and no toxic chemicals were used in the cleaning of her home. Belmont is undergoing cancer treatments for breast cancer, leaving her with little energy for much of anything else.

“Battling cancer is a full time job, and finding the help I need to function is hardly ever there. I know that there is hope for my survival so long as there are compassionate people like Greg in the world.”

To date Cleaning for a Reason counts over 350 partner organizations that offer free cleaning services to women undergoing cancer treatments throughout the United States and Canada. Deborah Sardone, a 25-year veteran of the house cleaning industry in Lewisville, TX, started the foundation in May 2006.

To learn more and to register for free housecleaning services for those undergoing cancer treatment, visit

To inquire about cleaning service for homes and small businesses in Boulder and the surrounding areas, visit

-By Matthew Lee


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