If you haven’t been to GoodBird Kitchen, what are you waiting for?

Best chicken ever: crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside – and all around delicious!

Have you been to GoodBird Kitchen on Hover Road in Longmont yet? If not, go now!

This is the chicken of all chicken. Fried chicken on a whole new level of amazing goodness. An ode to the perfectly seasoned and divinely prepared. Roasted chicken, chicken tenders, and hot wings equally delectable and savory.

GBK Chicken 2 GBK 9

But while chicken is the star, the supporting cast including a round of side dishes – from gorgeous green kale salad, to velvety mac and cheese to fries, waffles, and much more – are all phenomenal. And don’t pass up the fresh-made pies and icy beers. It’s a symphony of deliciousness.

GBK 7 GBK 10

GoodBird Kitchen is hopping. The ambience is bright and casual with blonde wood picnic tables and roomy booths. There’s also a welcoming outdoor patio.

Chef Dave Query generously sits with us at length to describe the back story of the restaurant. From a tour through the South and East Coast, sampling the best fried chicken across the country, including 13 chicken joints in 36 hours in New York City, he and his wife, Dana, along with Chef Jamey Fader did some intense, mouthwatering research.

Dave Query

We want to know the secrets to such gorgeous meat. He explains that in large part, the key is that their chickens grow up on hand-picked Colorado and Kansas farms where they are humanely raised and all natural. Brining, buttermilk, and perfectly crisp gluten-free crust also bring out the flavor and juiciness. Diners can even choose from white or dark meat.

It’s the same recipe as the popular chicken from The POST Brewing Company, but GoodBird Kitchen is the brightly lit stage where the chicken shines. The other menu selections light up, too. Think comfort food on steroids. Like rosemary cheddar biscuits, roasted Brussel sprouts, creamy mash potatoes with gravy, dirty fries, and GBK slaw.

GBK Mac & Cheese

Chef Query also remarks that it’s all about “hot chicken and cold beer.” Now that summer is here, enjoy your fine bird with a crisp, delicious POST Brewery’s Townie Ale, Howdy Pilsner, Meathooks, Ol’ Zippy, or other local draft ales.

GBK Townie Beer

Bottom line: Don’t wait any longer! Get yourself and your family to GoodBird and try one of the best new restaurants to open this year.



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