Tonight’s Best Bet: Food Lab Party

courtesy of Food Lab

Tonight, celebrate success Boulder-style with two locals as they honor the launch of their next ventures.

Champagne will flow at the pristine new 2,708 square-foot Food Lab kitchen on east Pearl to toast local personal chef and Food Lab founder, Casey Easton, and Elephant Journal founder and first-time book author, Waylon Lewis.

courtesy of Food Lab

courtesy of Food Lab

The party is a co-celebration of Easton’s realization of her five-years-in-the-making dream of a community cooking school, Food Lab, and the publication of Lewis’s first book, “Things I Would Like To Do With You.” Lewis is also celebrating the launch of his new publishing platform for authors, Elephant Books.

Food Lab’s beautifully remodeled space located at 1825 Pearl Street next to Cured and Boxcar opened mid-December 2015. The cooking space and its range of local chefs offer community members a chance to learn tips and techniques in pasta making, canning and pickling, and preparing food of all types – from Indian to vegan.

Natural foods Chef Casey Easton, Food Lab’s founder and creative director, has been cooking in Boulder for 15 years and teaching classes since 2007. Easton believes that food and cooking should be a fundamental part of people’s lives and set out to bring the joy of cooking to all types of cooks, from seasoned home chefs to college kids or children.

Hands-on classes teach techniques and cuisine preparation ranging from whole lamb butchery to winter salads, Valentine’s Day brunch, pasta and fish tacos. Adult classes are typically three-hour evening workshops. Children’s classes are also offered and are “wildly popular.”

And when you cook, of course, you must sample, so classes end with a tasting and recipes to take home.

Students who don’t want to roll up their sleeves can sit back and watch while sipping a glass of wine during demonstration dinners.

courtesy of Waylon Lewis

courtesy of Waylon Lewis

Waylon Lewis’s book, “Things I Would Like To Do With You,” is about love for a new generation. Funded as a Kickstarter project, launched in April 2015 and fully funded by mid-May, Lewis set out to publish a made-in-America book using eco-friendly materials. After 892 backers pledged $53,643, the first book rolled off the press Dec. 14, 2015. Hardback books are now available for sale for $35.00 at Elephant Market.

Lewis’s Kickstarter project had one initial goal – publishing the book – and two stretch goals. The first stretch goal was funding a bike book tour for Lewis to promote the book. The second was the “full launch of Elephant Books, an independent, eco-responsible, mindful book publisher for us all,” Lewis explained on Kickstarter. All goals were achieved, though the amount needed to achieve all three goals was reduced from the initial $60,000.

Lewis’s vision with Elephant books is to “share up to 50 percent of the proceeds instead of about 10 percent in the conventional publishing world.”

Here’s to the success of both of these Boulder entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making our world and its people healthier and happier.

So Go

  • Tonight, Feb. 5, 2016
  • 7 – 10 p.m.
  • Food Lab, 1825 Pearl St., Boulder, CO
  • Free of charge

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