Finding Their Way on A Segway

Greenberg family (Diana and Sandy on the left) with grandchildren and daughter

In 2002, a local Boulder couple, Sanford and Diana Greenberg became interested in a device that only existed in an episode of The Education of Max Bickford TV series.

The Greenbergs were intrigued by the characters casually gliding around a fictional Chadwick University campus on Segway Transporters and little did they know, this would become a new business path they would eventually pursue.

In 2004, as Sandy was sitting inside a Boulder café, a Segway zipped by the front window. He set aside his coffee and raced after the man, asking if he could try the device. Coincidentally, the fellow was Dan Sturges, a local consultant to the Segway Corporation who was testing a prototype. Later, in the fall of 2004, the Greenbergs began their Segway career as the manufacturer’s authorized dealer for the Rocky Mountain region.

On this new business path, they started two companies: Rocky Mountain Segway and Colorado Segway Tours. Rocky Mountain Segway is their dealership, which is one of only four Level III Factory Certified repair shops in the nation and is conveniently located in a converted carriage house on the Greenberg’s property.

The Segway is such a well-designed electric personal transporter (EPAMD) that it rarely has to be serviced, never needs oil changes, and can travel up to 24 miles by simply plugging it into any wall outlet, which costs only five cents. Aside from repairing personal transporters (PTs), Rocky Mountain Segway sells and services them for law enforcement, emergency medical services, military bases, and security companies. They also provide and service Segway Transporters for the Denver Convention Center, Denver International Airport, ski resorts, golf courses, RV parks, large property owners, and of course, to consumers who use them for fun and mobility.

Sandy on Segway

Sandy on a Segway

Says Diana, “The Segway PT is a multi-faceted piece of equipment that can be utilized by the military as well as private consumers and everyone in between. We have even had Barnum and Bailey circus work with us for repairs when they were in town. Every time I step onto the platform, I think this is as much fun now as it was for me the very first time.”

Their other business is Colorado Segway Tours, which offers up-close-and-personal excursions throughout Boulder and Denver. The Boulder tours run from the Greenberg’s historic property, one of Boulder’s earliest farmhouses, located close to the Pearl Street Mall. From the comfort of their home, Colorado Segway Tours offers riders the hospitality and safety of a unique sightseeing experience. The tour passes by the Hotel Boulderado, historic cemeteries, the Mork and Mindy House, Chautauqua Park, and back to Alpine Bluff, where riders will see a 360-degree view from Boulder’s new construction, down to older parts of the city.

The Denver tour begins and ends at the Downtown Aquarium, taking visitors past rivers and trails, historic areas, the Capitol building, and Denver Convention Center for an opportunity to take photos with the renowned blue bear. Each tour is two hours long covering approximately eight miles.

Every tour includes complete training to ensure safety is the first priority. When taking a tour, everyone must wear a helmet (provided), no pregnant women or children under age 14 can ride, and participants must weigh between 100 pounds and 260 pounds. Colorado Segway Tours also offers custom activities for weddings, birthdays, group events, team-building, and corporate rentals.

While starting their Segway career, Sandy also practiced traditional Oriental medicine, and Diana came from a New York City corporate background. They also owned a local car dealership and served on several transportation committees, helping to draft State House Bill 09-1026, which made the Segway PT legal on most Colorado streets with a speed limit up to 35 mph. The Greenbergs have also worked with Craig Hospital for spinal cord and brain injured patients, the Veterans Administration and Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center.

Sandy remarks, “You can be anything but anonymous on a Segway.” Certainly the Greenbergs have been anything but anonymous. With vision and passion, they have built their distinguished business from the ground up, allowing residents and visitors the opportunity to explore many of Colorado’s beautiful cities from the vantage of a unique and environmentally friendly form of transportation.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. It’s great to see the different uses that have come out of the Segway, whether it’s for law enforcement in malls or for tours of major cities. It’ll be interesting to see what other things people use Segways for in the future.

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