NewCo for a New Year

NewCo Boulder event organizers: Event Coordinator Amy Lynn Herman (left) with Co-Founder of Engage Colorado Tim O’Shea (right) at Galvanize, home base for NewCo Boulder

It’s 2017 and you’re looking for inspiration for your business? Don’t miss Esprit Entrepreneur and NewCo Boulder this coming year. These incomparable events celebrate Boulder’s entrepreneurial community and innovation mindset.

Entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses unite! Take a look back at two sensational entrepreneurial events and mark them on your calendar for this coming year. You won’t want to miss Esprit Entrepreneur, a celebratory event hosted by the Boulder Chamber, and NewCo Boulder, an exceptional day when the most innovative companies Boulder open their doors to the public for a peek behind the scenes.


Held at CU Boulder’s Glenn Miller Ballroom, Esprit Entrepreneur is the supremely upgraded version of a 32-year-old celebration of Boulder’s unique entrepreneurial spirit.

During this startup superstar event, the entrepreneur of the year is announced and awarded; this year Founder of SolidFire/NetApp Vice President and General Manager Dave Wright spoke about his role in the origins and trajectory of one of the top tech companies in Boulder, SolidFire, recently acquired by NetApp for $870M in February 2016.

Esprit Entrepreneur also featured the Esprit Venture Challenge, a gripping contest between three top early-stage startups who pitch their companies during the event to the audience of over 300 attendees who vote on the winning company. This year the winner, by a tight margin, was CU Boulder upstart Qualify, a mobile dating app designed to match college students through a 3-question quiz. As the Esprit Venture Challenge winner, they were awarded $10,000.


Boulder Chamber President & CEO John Tayer with Entrepreneur of the Year Dave Wright


CU Boulder dating app startup Qualify was this year’s Esprit Venture Challenge Winner


Hot on the heels of Esprit Entrepreneur is NewCo Boulder, a remarkable day when the most innovative, cutting-edge companies in Boulder open up their offices to the public for behind-the-scenes sessions and fascinating discussions with founders and entrepreneurs. Attendees can create a personalized schedule for the day by choosing from over 50 companies to visit ranging from tech to natural foods, outdoor startups to law and design firms. Svorn, Boulder Organic, Google, Foundry Group, Made in Nature, Madelife, Boomtown, Spark Bouder, and Zeal Optics are just a few of the venues.

Part of a worldwide movement of NewCo festivals worldwide, Boulder’s NewCo is organized by Tim O’Shea, co-founder of Engage Colorado, who met with us to discuss NewCo’s disruptive conference model which turns a traditional event inside out.

NewCo Boulder organizer Tim O’Shea (left) with NewCo festival Founder John Battelle


One of the NewCo’s most exciting and engaging presentations this year was given by Program Director Hannah Davis from MergeLane, an accelerator and investment fund that focuses on companies with at least one woman in leadership.

President of Metzger Albee Public Relations, Doyle Albee, gave an illuminating presentation at NewCo Boulder about the seismic shifts in the media and what companies can do in response to strengthen their reputation and deliver value.


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